Genie Aladdin Connect Integration with Yonomi – Geofencing for Your Garage Door Opener

Genie Aladdin Connect Integration with Yonomi – Geofencing for Your Garage Door Opener

Our Genie smart garage door openers with Aladdin Connect® technology allows you to monitor and control your garage door from anywhere with your smart-phone.  Aladdin Connect® is integrated with a variety of smart home partners including, Yonomi®, a free smart home consolidation app.

Yonomi® brings your home to life by allowing you to program and control all of your smart products from a single app. Yonomi® works with the most popular brands of smart home devices found here, including Genie® Aladdin Connect®. So what does this mean for you, the homeowner? It means you can create simple routines or even complex programs to automate your home, and your garage door like never before.

In addition, Yonomi® allows you to use the position of your smartphone to automate your home. Geofencing within the Yonomi® app allows users to set a perimeter around a location and when you enter or leave that location you can trigger actions like lights turning on to welcome you home or setting back your thermostat when you leave home. You can also use geofencing (location-based routines) for you or your family to automatically open or close your garage door when you arrive home or leave your home without ever having to press a button!

The Yonomi® app supports multiple locations so you can set-up routines to run when you arrive at home, work, or any other spot in your daily routine. For example, you can set up a routine to let you know when your garage is open when you are away from home. Or you could create a routine that plays a fun alert on your Sonos® sound system, when you leave work to let your family know when and that you will be home in time for your 6 pm dinner plans.

Genie Aladdin Connect works with Yonomi so you can use Geofencing to open your garage door


So you want to try it for yourself? Here is an example that allows you to “Close your garage door when you leave your home automatically” based upon geofencing.

• First, make sure your mobile device’s privacy settings are set to share your location with the Yonomi® App.

• If prompted, set your mobile device to “Always Share” your location to allow events to trigger even when the Yonomi App is not open.

• In the Yonomi App, navigate to Settings and tap Locations.

• Make sure the Use this device’s location toggle is turned on.

• To add a new location, click Add a Location.

• Search for a location at the top of the screen. You can enter an address or hit the compass icon to use your current GPS location. You can also use the pin to pick your exact location and drag the geofence to expand or shrink the size of the location.

• Type in the name of the location (e.g. Home, Work) in the Name section. 

•  You can also optionally add the location’s Wi-Fi network name to improve reliability.

• Once you add a location, you can trigger events using a location. You can also use your location as a condition. For example, “When it’s sunset, turn off my lights, but only when I’m home.”

If you haven’t tried geofencing applications with Aladdin Connect®,  we encourage you to download the free Yonomi® app and give it a try. You can create location-based routines not only for your garage, but for your entire home.

 Do you need help with your set-up or want to learn about more complex routines, below are helpful articles by Yonomi® that provide additional support on how to set up geofencing and routines.

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Yonomi provides a roughly 300 foot radius round your geofencing location.

Stephanie Millage

What’s the default range that triggers the geofence action and can this distance be adjusted?
I have Yonomi connected to Aladdin Connect.

Clem Lee

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