Genie® Smart Garage Door Openers Now Work With Walmart InHome In-Garage Delivery

Genie® Smart Garage Door Openers Now Work With Walmart InHome In-Garage Delivery

Genie® Aladdin Connect® smart garage door openers and retro-fit kits now work with InHome, the delivery service from Walmart that provides unlimited grocery deliveries from Walmart stores straight into your garage refrigerator.

Walmart InHome Delivery is a service that allows you to to shop for groceries and essentials online or from your phone whenever, and then have your order delivered right into your garage fridge. Start your order with the InHome app (or on Walmart’s website) and a Walmart associate will shop the order like it’s their own, drive it to your home, and neatly place it right into your garage. Walmart InHome Delivery began in 2019 and is also available in Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Southeast Florida, Phoenix, and Northwest Arkansas.  Available in the DC area Nov. 9. 2021. 

The enhanced security, peace of mind, and convenience you get from Genie and Walmart InHome are now combined—making grocery delivery another errand your smart garage can help you with.

The Aladdin Connect app lets you know when specific users operate your garage door, giving you convenient control of your home. The app also provides the ability to setup rules to let you know if your door is open for a long time or open at night, and the ability to add users and control their access.

Bringing Walmart’s InHome delivery service to Genie adds yet another powerful integration to your garage. Genie users can already connect their door with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings,, and Control4, all at no additional cost.  These platforms extend the convenience and security Genie offers to the devices they already use to manage their home.

Our  technical innovation includes Genie's award-winning wall-mount garage door opener that improves garage aesthetics and includes an automated garage door lock to provide an additional layer of security, and our full line of reliable, ultra-quiet, Wi-Fi-enabled Genie garage door openers.

The InHome service costs $19.95 a month and requires a $30 minimum per order. There are no delivery fees and you can cancel at any time. 

Find out here more details on how it works. 

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I’ve had my house over 20 years the garage door opener by genie is 23 years old I didn’t think they had replacement parts for mine,sensors went bad but the new improved replacement worked I just want to thank the company for quality products


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