How to Add Walmart InHome Grocery Delivery Service to Your Genie Aladdin Connect Smart Garage Door Opener

How to Add Walmart InHome Grocery Delivery Service to Your Genie Aladdin Connect Smart Garage Door Opener

We’ve added an exciting new service offering to your smart Genie garage door opener. If you have a Genie opener with integrated Aladdin Connect or a garage door opener (non-Genie branded) equipped with an Aladdin Connect Universal Retro Fit Kit, you can get in-garage grocery delivery from Walmart InHome.  

Walmart InHome delivers groceries and other essentials all the way into your garage—even your garage fridge, if you’ve got one—with absolutely no delivery fees, no added tips for orders (they’re included in your membership), and no limits on how often you can order. For select customers in Florida, InHome can also deliver beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages. InHome also picks up returns from your home—no label printing or repacking required.

Walmart InHome Delivery began in 2019 and is also available in Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Southeast Florida, Phoenix, and Northwest Arkansas.  Available in the DC area Nov. 9. 2021. 

Ready for delivery beyond your garage door? Getting started is simple.

First, head to That’s where you’ll check to see if you’re in Walmart InHome’s delivery area, then sign up for your 30-day free trial of unlimited, no-fee delivery.

After signing up, download the Walmart InHome app, and make sure you have the Genie Aladdin Connect app on your phone. Open the InHome app and you should see a prompt to “Set up your home for delivery beyond your door.” Choose garage delivery, then look for the Genie logo to begin linking your InHome and Genie device. (if you do not have a garage door opener with a Genie Aladdin Connect add-on kit, or an integrated Genie smart garage door opener, you will need to add the Genie Aladdin Connect kit found here.)

Which Genie devices are compatible? Here’s a rule of thumb: if it can connect to Wi-Fi, or has the “Aladdin Connect” logo on its motorhead, it’s ready to work with InHome. If you’ve got an older garage door and want to add smart connectivity, InHome’s trained technicians can also bring over and install an Aladdin Retro Fit Kit to get you started with both grocery delivery and remote control of your garage. The Retro Fit Kit will cost $49.95, but InHome provides free installation from a trained home professional.

After successfully linking your device, you’ll be ready to order! You can get your first delivery as soon as the very next day. We recommend shopping on for the best experience. Shop online for groceries, like always, and at checkout, “InHome” should be automatically chosen as your delivery method. Confirm your order and then relax: InHome’s team will take care of everything else.

On your delivery day, an InHome delivery associate will receive secure, one-time access to your smart Genie garage door opener. They only get this access when they’re at your home, and only if you have an upcoming delivery. As soon as your door opens, our associate’s vest camera turns on to livestream and record your delivery. (You can watch it up to 7 days after.) They’ll neatly put away your order, then finish by sanitizing and re-securing your garage before leaving. If they’re picking up a return, they’ll take it back for processing at a nearby store that same day.

Walmart InHome is ready to bring over all of your essentials, and your Genie Aladdin Connect garage door opener is ready to make delivery even more convenient. Sign up and get started at

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