Jump Start Your Car This Winter With ReliaVolt

Jump Start Your Car This Winter With ReliaVolt

Have you ever experienced the following scenarios?

You plop into the seat of your car after a long day at work, excited for your weekend dinner plans.  You turn the ignition of your car while thinking about a nice plate of steak and potatoes.  Your car makes a sputtering noise.  “Turn on!” you yell.  You turn the ignition repeatedly hoping your car will start.  You hear the words of Albert Einstein in your head as you continue fumbling with your key: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”  You pound your head on the steering wheel and give up.  Maybe dinner plans will turn into breakfast ones?

You throw your groceries in the backseat of your car.  You have to hurry to get home. You have ice cream that needs to get in the freezer!  You circle around your car to enter.  Dread fills you as you realize you left your headlights on.  Your car refuses to start.  Do you really want to approach a stranger and ask if you can borrow their car to help you jump yours? No, it sounds terrible.  But what other choice do you have? The ice cream is melting quickly.

You are enjoying a picturesque winter drive through the Rocky Mountains on a backroad, headed to a family gathering for Christmas.  You see a stop for a scenic overlook and decide to pull over for a beautiful picture opportunity.  As you go back to your car you find that the engine will not start.  It’s a dead battery.  It’s cold and windy and the sun is setting.  There are no other vehicles in sight.  Your cell service is non-existent, and you know that even if you could get signal, the nearest roadside assistance service is at least an hour away.  Your phone only shows 8% battery. You shiver and panic fills you. Your family is waiting on your arrival to eat Christmas dinner! What do you do next?   
Dead car batteries no more! Give yourself a peace of mind with the Genie ReliaVolt Portable Jump Starter and Power Pack.  Take control of your car battery – and your safety. This holiday season, never be stranded again or have to ask a stranger for help when jump starting your car. Designed for life on the go, the ReliaVolt is a 3 in 1 product– a jump starter, USB charging station, and a flashlight. 

The ReliaVolt can jump start most cars up to 10 times on a single charge!  It also holds charge for up to one year!  The USB outlet allows you to charge your cell phone or other personal devices in an emergency.  Never worry about having a dead phone battery again.  The LCD screen provides clear notifications such as “Ready…Go” messages for ease of use.  The carrying case is compact and lightweight.  The ReliaVolt can be stored in a glove box, console, or door pocket.  The integrated flashlight includes SOS strobe setting and power/voltage signals.  The ReliaVolt will automatically shut off jumper power in 1 second after the vehicle starts.  Overload protection is built in to help prevent battery damage when stressed. 

The ReliaVolt includes the 12V portable power unit, multi-USB cables that fit many devices, jumper cables, 115VAC ReliaVolt wall charger, 12VDC ReliaVolt car charger, carrying case and instructions.  Make sure that you and your loved ones are taken care of in the vulnerable and potentially dangerous situation of a dead car battery.  Purchase a ReliaVolt today from Genie, one of America’s best known and trusted consumer brand names.  Genie is the brand you trust.

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