Summer Must-Haves from Genie®

Summer Must-Haves from Genie®

It’s summertime.  Time to take a vacation and hit the beach while enjoying the long days of sunshine.  You have your list of things to bring while on vacation: sunscreen, towels, and swimsuit.  Maybe your list is so long it involves a suitcase that can’t be carried on the airplane.  One thing that may be missing from your list is a way to charge your cell phone while on-the-go. The vast majority of us have our smart phones and can’t go a day without them.  We use them for everything: texting plans, directions while in the car, and to check the weather.  What do you do if you see the dreaded notification of a low battery in the middle of the day?  Thanks to the ReliaVolt™ from Genie®, you no longer need to worry about a dead phone battery.

The ReliaVolt is a portable USB charger that can also be used as a car jump starter or a flashlight.  Weighing under 3lbs, the ReliaVolt can fit perfectly in your beach bag.  Enjoy a hassle-free charging station that you can set beside your beach chair.  As the sun sets and you walk home from your full day of fun on the beach, use the handy built in LED flashlight to guide your way to the car. You will also have the peace-of-mind knowing that while you are on the road, you can jump start your car in the case of a dead car battery! 

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What do you do with your mail while on vacation? What if you are expecting a large package that is set to arrive while you are away?  Do you inconvenience your neighbor and ask them to hold the bulky package until you return home?  Thanks to the BenchSentry™ by Genie® you no longer need to worry about the security of your packages when you are away!  This innovative locked porch box can be monitored from the free app on your smartphone.  Schedule deliveries that will only open the box when the last 4-digits of the tracking number are entered.  You can receive push notifications when the bench is opened, and your package is safely delivered.  Rest easy during your vacation knowing your deliveries are safe and secure.

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Summertime means late nights out enjoying the nice weather and long days.  Maybe your family has various schedules and coming and goings throughout the week.  It seems like everyone has a wedding, pool party or vacation to get to.  Many people in your family also need to access your garage door.   Your kids, extended family, dog walker, or even the plumber may need to access your garage to enter your home.  How will you safely allow access into your garage, even when you are not home this summer?  Aladdin Connect™ by Genie® allows you to monitor and control the status of your garage door from the convenience of the free app on your smartphone.  You can create up to 19 “virtual keys” which allows you to grant access to your family, friends, and service workers.  You can be aware of all the activity going on around your home – even at 1am. 

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