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The Genie® Company COVID19 Operations Update

The Genie® Company COVID19 Operations Update

We’d like to share an update with you as we make our way towards the Easter weekend, keeping all of you in our hearts and minds as we continue to weave our way through the nation’s pandemic.


First and foremost, we’d like to reconfirm our commitment to you, your team, & your business. Our facilities, following the guidelines of the CDC & local government directives, are still fully operational to provide the product & technical support you need to keep your customers satisfied. This includes customer care through phone, online support, email, and fax.  Our supply chain is strong & continues to keep our product in the pipeline to help keep your business moving.


Regular communication is the key to keeping up with your business needs so that adjustments can be made as needed. For instance, we recently had an online training seminar featuring our Genie training team for any customers that had the flexibility to attend.  Great knowledge and details were shared, all while under the safety of social distancing technology! We’ll do more of these in the future for those that want a diversion.


Please check our social media sites, such as Facebook and Instagram, as our regular postings include helpful product information, tips, & even some fun posts to help everyone through a challenging time.


We can all be proud of the recognition given to our industry for being an essential part of keeping everyday life moving along with safety & security in mind. Whether it’s a residential garage door or commercial rolling door or sectional door, the importance of being able to reliably move in & out of buildings with the help of automatic openers & accessories in a safe & secure manner is not to be underestimated. All of us are part of the integral group that makes daily life much more manageable for millions of homeowners & workers every day.


As always, but never to be taken for granted, please do not hesitate to reach out to any Genie team member with questions or concerns. We are here to support your business in any way possible & look forward to continuing to serve you. We thank you for toughing it out with us as we tough it out with you! Together, your business and Genie will weather through this temporary storm and emerge stronger than ever with a commitment made but never forgotten.

Together we are – GENIE NATION!


Best Regards, Be Safe, and have a Blessed Easter Holiday,

Your Genie Team


P.S.  For additional support if needed, the International Door Association (IDA) has posted a number of resource materials on IDA member library  that may be beneficial to your business, including:


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  • Danielle Anderson
Comments 2
  • Heather

    @Rod Mazer. The 39165R wall console does come with instructions.

  • Rod Mazer
    Rod Mazer

    Looking at Genie wall console control button 39165R, to replace 37351R . Instructions on how to install and program it, included ?? Haven’t done one before… Thanks.

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