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Using Smart Home Technology to Keep Your Garage Secure

Using Smart Home Technology to Keep Your Garage Secure

We all get dozens of smartphone alerts throughout the day; you have a new message, email, it is about to rain, calendar reminders, and many more. All of them can be dealt with straight from your phone without much issue. However, what happens if you get an alert from your Aladdin Connect Smart Garage Door Controller that someone just opened your garage? You think to yourself, no one should be home right now. Well, that is where a Wyze Camera would be very helpful. You can open the app and see the comings and goings in your garage at the moment Aladdin Connect alerted you. Or you can see the full recording of the past 48 hours if the worst happens.

Wyze 1080P HD Smart Home Camera 

The Wyze camera records in full 1080P HD and streams all of that video to the cloud for you to retrieve at any time. It also has customizable alerts for movement and events. So, if you just want to see the general events in your garage you can open the Wyze app and navigate to the Events Tab to see a full breakdown of what has occurred, going back months. This little camera is a must-have addition to any smart garage!

There are many ways to secure your garage, most are obvious:

  • Keep the door closed
  • Cover or frost the windows
  • Secure the man entry door
  • Shield your garage door opener’s emergency release
  • Improve exterior lighting

These are all low-tech solutions, but we are in a world full of technology. Most houses have some type of Smart Home gadgets in them. The garage should be no different! A Genie Smart garage door opener powered by Aladdin Connect makes it easy to know if your garage door is open or closed and the history of who opened the door when with Aladdin Virtual Keys. This is all great to help you keep whatever is in your garage safe. But if you add in a Wyze Camera you not only have the peace of mind of the notifications and control over your garage door, but you can also see and hear what is happening in your garage too.

(This picture below is taken from the Wyze camera installed in a garage)

Wyze camera image showing inside the garage

(This picture below is from a Wyze camera taken when the garage is dark)

Wyze camera image from a dark garage


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