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Battery Backups

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Genie garage door opener battery backup has power when your house does not

When the power goes out, Genie power goes on! Genie’s Battery Backup units offer peace-of-mind to homeowners who want to be able to operate their garage door opener during a power outage. What used to be a luxury is now an affordable convenience offered to everyone thanks to Genie's battery backup options. When the power goes out,  the Genie garage door opener battery power kicks into gear automatically. The garage door opener battery backups allow for up to 50 full operations of your garage door when the primary power is out. Never be locked out of your garage again due to bad weather or other electric equipment failures.


We offer battery backups that can be added to certain model garage door openers, we also have complete garage door openers that come with integrated battery backups. Make the right choice for peace-of-mind and security with a garage door opener battery backup!  


California Residents - Did you know that in accordance with California State Law SB-969, that all installed garage door openers in the state must have a battery backup as of July 1, 2019. 


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