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Extension Kit (to 8') for 5 Piece, Chain Drive Tube Rails

Product Description
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An extension kit will extend the 5 piece, chain drive tube rail for a 7' high door to accommodate an 8' high door. This kit is designed specifically for Genie chain drive openers. 

  • Compatible with Models: 2033, 2035, 2036, 3035, 7035 
  • For specific model information please see the plate on the operator's head 
  • Includes rail extension, chain, and hardware to install
  • The kit allows opener to fully open garage doors up to 8ft. high 
  • Model EKTC
Sku: 39027R

Chain Rail Extenstion Kit Instructions (Tube Style Chain Rail) 

PDF Printable Instructions for installing the 39027R chain rail extension kit

Preparation: Refer to Assembly/Installation Poster, replace the header section of rail with the extension rail included with this kit.

Add Chain Extension prior to Step 1G. Add extended RED emergency release cord.

39027R Installation Procedure

1) Center idler pulley into EXTENDED header rail slot. Insert clevis pin through header rail hole and idler pulley. Secure with cotter pin. Fig. 1.

39027R Genie Chain rail extension kit installation instructions

2) Insert 5/16”-18 x 2” bolt into EXTENDED header rail and secure with nut.

3) Proceed with the assembly of the rail per Assembly Poster until step 1g.

4) Prior to step 1g, install chain extension.

5) Remove master link from threaded shaft assembly (Gold End) with needle-nose pliers. Fig. 2.

Installing the Genie Chain Rail Extension Kit 39027R

6) Install chain extension with included master link. Fig 3.

Genie extension kit for chain rails 39027R- installation instructions

7) Reinstall threaded shaft assembly to extended chain with master link removed in step 5. Fig. 3.

8) Continue with the installation poster at step 1g. Fig.4.

39027R Genie Chain Rail (tube style) extension kit installation instructions

9) Discard original RED emergency release cord and install extended RED emergency release cord included with this kit at step 6 on assembly poster.


Ask a Question
  • what kit do i need with the 1035ve?

    You would use this Chain Drive extension kit for tube style rails.

  • What extension kit do I need for model 2024 8 ft door

    We no longer have the extension kit for the 2024 model garage door opener.

  • Which extension kit do I need for a garage door opener model 1035VE

    The 1035 Chain Drive model garage door openers use the Chain Drive extension kit model EKTC, 39027R.

  • Is this model compatible with the 7035-V

    Yes, it is.

  • need an extension for a Model 1035 as we have an 8 ft Garage Door. Which kit is correct? Model 1035 is not referenced anywhere

    This 39027R extension kit is the correct one for the 1035 model garage door opener.

  • I have an garage door that is 11 ft high and 10 foot long made of metal. I need a automatic door opener with a 12 foot long chain drive. I can't find a 12' in the stores. I was told to get Gene model 3024.

    Any garage door over 8-foot high would require a professional model garage door opener. You can locate a dealer in your area by entering your zip code (click here).

  • what extension kit do I need for a model 1035-v chain drive opener? (genie chain drive 500) The one I find on this site only show compatible with Models: 2033, 2035, 2036, 3035, 7035.

    This is the correct extension kit for the 1035 model too.

  • Can I buy multiple extensions to use for a 10ft door?

    No, you can only add one extension kit to a garage door opener.

  • What extension kit do I need for a Chainmax 1000 chain driven 8 ft door?

    You would need the EKCC extension kit, part number 37301R to work with the ChainMax1000 garage door opener.

  • model 2020L need an extension kit. i have a 9' door.

    We no longer have an extension kit for the 2020L model garage door opener.

  • what ext. kit do I need for genie mod. 2022 8 ft door

    Hi! I apologize, we no longer have an extension kit for the 2022 model garage door opener.

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