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Capacitor, 50MFD - 18004B.S

Product Description
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Use this Genuine Genie replacement part, 50 MFD starting capacitor (18004B.S) to replace the existing one (including capacitors labeled X-18004-B) in many compatible Genie model openers. This replacement X-18004-B capacitor installs easily in the exact location of the one getting removed for an easy DIY repair. Get your Genie garage door opener back up and running in minutes with this new capacitor. 

  • 50MFD
  • "Jump Starts" the motor in the operator 
  • Replaces old capacitors labeled X-18004-B
  • Capacitor hooks up to the existing wires in the operator for quick replacement 
  • Compatible with Models ProMax® models, PMX 300-IC/A, PMX 500-IC/A, PMX 300-IC/B, PMX 500-IC/B, IC250, IC250/B, Chainglide® models, PCG 400, PCG 450, PCG 500ML, PCG 600, PCG 650, PCG 700ML, PCG 700FN, GCG 350L, GCG350ML, H2000C-1, H2000C-THDS, 1020L, 2020L
Sku: 18004B.S


Ask a Question
  • My H400A with receiver number ACSR3 has blown the capacitor Can you give me the specicifics to replace it? I have found a Dayton capacitor but want to get the correct one.

    The correct capacitor for the H4000A is the 19988A.S

  • Will. This capacitor work with a Genie model pcg400 ?

    Yes, it will.

  • My Genie garage door opener Model H2000C has a capacitor that is P/N 18004B. Is Genie capacitor P/N 18004B.S the correct replacement P/N?

    Yes, it is.

  • My capacitor has 50-60 MFD, 220VAC, 18004B, MSE2R22050N, 50/60 HZ. Will this work?

    Yes, it will.

  • My capacitor has x-21951-a 40-45 and for model DI-99. Will this work for me?

    No, it will not.

  • I have a Genie Garage Door Opener X-1800 4-B, 50MFD, 220 VAC , 00760HZ, 3629740. Will this got my opener? Thank you!

    This will be the same capacitor.

  • I need a new capacitor for Genie Model 820 (labeled on screw track). The old one is marked X-18004-B, 56-62 MFD. Will the Sku 18004B.S. capacitor work even though it's rated only 50 MFD? Please advise; THANKS!!!

    The 18004B.S would replace the X-18004-B.

  • Is this capacitor okay for X18004A?

    Yes, it is.

  • My capacitor says X-18004-B, 56-62 MFD, so is this the correct one?

    Yes, it is. 

  • I have genie garage door opener, the model number is CM7600IC, I need replace the starting capacitor, the existing one says "X-18004-B" 50 MFD, I find one in your store online, the sku # is Sku: 18004B.S. it seems the one I need, but the CM7600 is not in the list of the compatible models for this item. pls advise. thanks

    Yes, this is the correct one. 

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