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Aladdin Connect® Features and Installation

Aladdin Connect® Wifi -Smart Home Technology  


Genie Aladdin Connect® Technology Product Features & Benefits. 
Aladdin Connect technology provides peace of mind by letting you know if
you closed your garage door, but do you know about all of the other exciting
features of Aladdin Connect; Like Virtual Keys? Your garage is normally an
important part of your home. With the latest technology for smart homes, do
not let your garage fall behind. Use the Wifi technology to simplify using your
garage door while helping keep it secure and safe, while controlling it all from
your smartphone! 

Aladdin Connect® is easy to install and works with almost all garage door openers made
over the last 25 years (that use required safety beams).
This video will take you through the DIY installation steps for making your
garage into a Wifi Connected smart garage at your control. Grab your smart 
device and let's get ready!  

Once your Aladdin Connect® integrated garage door opener is installed, move
on to the DIY programming. This video will take you through the steps 
to connecting your garage door opener to your homes Wifi, so you will 
be moving right on to having control of your garage door right from your 
smartphone, tablet or other smart device.