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Choosing a Garage Door Opener


The garage door can be used as a common entry point to your 
house. So when replacing your current garage door opener or buying a 
new one you want to make sure you get the best fit for you and your 
family. This video provides some information on what you should 
know before purchasing a new garage door opener. Wether you are 
looking for quiet, smart home connected, or for speed, The 
Genie Company has you covered with the newest garage door 
openers with the latest technology that will give you reliablity from 
the brand you trust. 


Genie garage door opener platform comparison: DIY install of 
your garage door opener can seem intimidating. But making sure 
you have chosen the best garage door opener for you and your 
family should not be hard. Use this video to compare the selection of
Genie garage door openers to help you decide which garage door opener
is best for you! 

This video shows the benefits of owning and using a Ultra-Quiet Genie
Belt Drive Garage Door Opener. Many houses have the garage attached 
to the house, so minimal noise is a must. Genie's selection of reliable and 
quiet belt drive garage door openers operate powerfully and quietly with smooth
door travel. Our standard safety features keep your family safe and worry-free. 
See why the Genie belt drive garage door opener would be the best choice for 
your garage. 

Why a Genie Chain Drive Garage Door Opener? This video features our
Genie chain drive garage door openers for the homeowner that is looking for 
intelligent design, reliable performance and convenience. The Genie Company
offers the best in traditional chain drive operation that will provide dependable
performance for years to come from your garage door opener.