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DIY Garage Door Opener Installation

Genie Garage Door Opener Installation -DIY

DIY Installation of a garage door opener does not have to be hard. This video
will help you through the steps of installing your Genie garage door opener. The 
video features the instructions for the SilentMax 1000 and ChainMax 1000 model 
garage door openers. (Can also be used for other SilentMax and ChainMax
models) Once you have the unit installed, we have other videos that can help you 
program your Genie Intellicode accessories to the garage door opener also! 

The newest style Genie garage door openers that have tube rails are made for 
easy DIY installation. The convenient video features step by step directions for 
installing Genie garage door opener models 2055 and 7055. You can use this 
video for other Genie garage door openers that use the same tube rail that are
belt or chain models as well. The chain models may vary slightly from the video
instructions, so make sure to refer to your manual as well. (Some other models
that use tube rails: 3053, 3055, 3035, 7035, 2033, 2035, and 1035.)