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GK-R Keyless Entry / Push Button/ G1T-BX Remote Pack

GK-R Keyless Entry / Push Button/ G1T-BX Remote Pack

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This bundle kit which includes a keypad, remote, and push-button is an ideal solution for individuals who require multiple ways to access the garage. The keypad can be mounted outside the garage door, which is quite convenient for situations when you do not have the remote control with you. The remote control is designed to be compact and sleek and can be easily carried with you, or mounted on the visor in your car. The non-lit door wall button is compatible with most major garage door opener brands and can be used in addition to any existing wall button or console.
  • Both of these accessories can be easily programmed to work with all Genie Intellicode model operators.
  • he non-lit push button is a great addition to the current wall console.
  • Back-lit keypad makes it easy to see the numbers
  • One button remote has an easy to push button 
  • With this bundle you will receive,  1- Single button remote, 1- Wireless Keypad and 1- Universal Wall Button. Batteries, visor clip, mounting hardware and instructions are all included. 

 California Residents: Proposition 65 WARNING

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GK-R Keyless Entry and G1T-BX Remote Pack ,  Bundle - The Genie Company
GK-R Keyless Entry / Push Button/ G1T-BX Remote Pack


Ask a Question

    Yes, it is.

  • will this work with h4000-07/m ?

    Yes, it will!

  • The original keypad broke.I tried linking one if these key pads to a genie model CM 8600 IC/A and was able to pair and send a signal, but signal wouldn't open or close the door and it desynced the single button remote it came with. The LED on garage motor was flashing like it has an error. Is this model incompatible with these replacement keypads?

    The GK-R keypad will work with the CM8600IC/A model garage door opener. If you need assistance programming it, please contact our customer service at 1-800-354-3643.

  • Can the simple door push-button switch be used with a current model 7055 GDO I just installed? If so, how is it wired to the main unit?

    Yes, the push button will work with the 7055 model garage door opener. It wires to the two terminals on the powerhead that the wall console also go in.

  • 1. can this be programmed to include a PIN? 2. Can one unit be programmed to open 2 doors or do i need one per door

    One keypad can be programmed on up to three different garage door openers (as long as they are compatible Genie Intellicode models). The keypad does use a pin number.

  • Is this door installed remote compatible with Linear garage door openers?

    No, this will not work with Linear brand garage door openers.

  • will this remote work with model 1028

    Yes, it will!

  • Will this work with the Genie Promax chain glide 2 ?

    Yes, it will!

  • will this work with the silent max 1000?

    Yes, it will!

  • Will this work with Genie Pro Screw Drive Model CM8600-XL/M?

    Yes, it will!

  • Is this compatible with the h8000d?

    Yes, the GK-R, push button and G1T-BX will all work with the H8000D model.

  • Will this work with CM 7600 IC/A

    Yes, they will! 

  • is this compatible with the h2000c?

    Yes it is! 

  • Are this compatible with a GINIE PowerLift 900 (MODEL 2562)?

    Yes they are!

  • Will this work with the 1035v?

    Yes, both of these items will. 

  • replace batterues on stsionary remont mounted on garage

    Are you having issues with the keypad? If so, it may need reprogrammed. You can reach out to our customer service department at 800-354-3643 for assistance with programming.

  • Compatible with pmx300ic/b?

    Yes, the GK-R Keyless Entry / Push Button/ G1T-BX Remote Pack items are compatible with Genie model PMX300IC/B.

  • Is this item compatible with Model GCG350ML, Genie Intellicode, Chain Glide, it is an older model.

    Yes, the GK-R Keyless Entry / Push Button/ G1T-BX Remote Pack items are compatible with Genie model GCG350ML.

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