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GK-R Keyless Entry/ GL2T-BX Remote/ Universal Push Button Pack

Product Description
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This Keypad/ Remote/ Push Button bundle kit is perfect for multiple users to have access into and out of the garage! The keypad mounts outside the garage door which is great when you are outside without the remote control. This Genie Illuminator 2-button remote with LED flashlight is the perfect size for purse, pocket or backpack!  The Universal Push Button style console (non-lit) - has easy installation and simple operation.
  • All the accessories easily program to all Genie Intellicode model operators
  • Back-lit keypad makes it easy to see the numbers
  • Fast and easy to program for the remote and wall console; the remote will work on up to 2 Genie Intellicode garage door openers, the keypad on up to 3

  • The remotes bright LED flashlight helps ensure safety in the dark

  • Universal Push Button operates one garage door from inside the garage
  • For the push button direct wiring to the garage door opener required; Mounts on a sidewall and wires directly to the garage door opener
  • With this bundle you will receive, 1 Keypad with 2 AAA batteries and mounting screws,  1 GL2T-BX remote with lanyard and battery, 1 Universal Push Button, along with programming/ installation instructions.

   California Residents: Proposition 65 WARNING

Sku: 39914R


Ask a Question
  • Does the keypad cover come in black? We have black garage door trim and would like to replace the white keypad cover with a black one.

    The keypad cover does not come in black. The cover can be painted.

  • What stops a stranger from simply walking up and putting in a new PIN in your keypad? Doesn't he just have to remove and reinstall the battery and follow the instructions on inside of lid?

    No. To change the pin number the stranger would have to know your current pin number, or be able to have access to the powerhead of the garage door opener inside your garage.

  • i just bought a genie garage door opener model 38959y. how do i get it set up to work from my vehicle.. i have onstar

    Does your vehicle have Homelink or Car2U in vehicle remote systems?

  • I have a Chamberlain Security + Model 8200 Series opener with an orange learn button, and the instructions are not working to program the Universal Keypad.

    Please contact Genie customer service at 1-800-354-3643 for assistance with programming a Universal Keypad.

  • I have an Ofer g4050 opener. What remote do I need

    The G4050 would use the Genie Master Remote, model GM3T-R.

  • I have a genie model 2024 and would like to install a keypad . Does this model accept keypad set up ?

    Yes, you can use the GK-R keypad with the 2024 model garage door opener.

  • I have garage opener model H8000-07. I need a new keypad. What do I buy? Thank you

    You can use the Genie GK-R keypad.

  • Will the remotes, model G1T-Bx1-ButtonRemote, work with a model IMS 1000 opener?

    Yes, they will. 

  • I have a genie model H6000A what remote do I need

    The H6000A is an Intellicode unit. All of the remotes on our site are Intellicode models. You can choose any of them and they will work with your garage door opener. 

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