Aladdin Connect Is Now Integrated With Jervis Systems

Aladdin Connect Is Now Integrated With Jervis Systems

We are pleased to announce that our Genie® Aladdin Connect® smart garage door openers and controllers are now integrated with Jervis Systems, an access control platform designed to manage multiple access devices on multiple properties using one app.  The Jervis Systems platform provides a unified residential access management solution for both smart locks and garage door openers, enabling property managers and short-term rental owners to provide a secure solution that automates access, simplifies check-in and checkout, and makes it simple to manage access to multiple properties.

Key benefits of working with Jervis Systems:

  • Smart Device Integration – Jervis works with smart door locks from Yale, Schlage, August, and Master Lock, and Genie garage door openers, providing a unified interface across all brands. 
  • Simplified Access Management – Enables property managers or short-term rental hosts to quickly provide access to tenants or maintenance staff and monitor who has accessed each property, eliminating the need to share keys or rekey the property.
  • Ease of Use – Jervis Systems has a solution that fits every user.  If you are tech savvy you can download the mobile app, and if you are little less savvy, you can use a patent-pending call or text-to-open capability.
  • Unified Remote Control – Remote operation is available via the mobile app for iOS/Android, the browser-based dashboard, or via text or call. All devices, both door locks and garage door openers can be remotely operated in the same way.

The Aladdin Connect from Genie can be purchased integrated with certain Genie garage door openers, or the Aladdin Connect Retro-Fit Kit can be added to most garage door openers to make your garage door "smart." Access, monitor and control the status of your garage door opener all from the convenience of the free Aladdin App from your phone.  You can also set up virtual keys to provide temporary access for guests.  Create alerts to be notified of garage door activity. Automatic scheduling will close your door after a certain time of day or if it has been open for a certain period of time!

Now you can pair your Genie garage door opener with Aladdin Connect to Jervis Systems - allowing you to access and monitor your smart locks and Aladdin Connect smart garage door opener all in one place. 

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