• Genie is one of America's best known and trusted consumer brand names. The company has an illustrious history that underscores its commitment to innovation. Millions of our product units are in use today throughout North America. Dependability, high quality and nationwide service are just a few reasons to choose a Genie branded garage door opener.

The Genie Company History

Founded in 1923 as the Alliance Manufacturing Company, production included a broad line of consumer, industrial and military products. When America was at war in the 1940's, the Alliance factory produced everything from fuse caps and voltage regulators to canteen handles and generators.

In 1954, the Alliance Manufacturing Company first produced its own garage door opener unit. Named Genie, it was the first mass-produced, radio-controlled residential garage door opener, and became the market leader in design, safety and reliable service - core values that Genie still upholds to this day.

In 1958, Genie engineers brought about the innovation of the first direct drive screw opener. Further design refinements resulted in the offering of a split rail, which opened opportunities to mass retailers for the first time in the mid-1970s. Consumer appeal for Genie products grew alongside the rapidly developing do-it-yourself market. In 1983, the company entered the home and shop vacuum market, and in 1985, changed its name to Genie Home Products.

By the time Overhead Door Corporation purchased the company in 1994, the Genie name had become a symbol of trust and reliability for millions of customers around the world who sought out the brand from professional dealers, home centers, hardware stores, and wholesale clubs. Its continuing focus on product quality, innovation and service remain the hallmark of the Genie legacy.

Today, Genie manufactures remote-controlled garage door opening systems and accessories for multiple distribution channels. The openers include advanced features such as a 140 volt DC motor, Intellicode remote access security system that automatically changes the security code to one of billions of combinations each time the transmitter is activated, as well as the Safe-T-Beam infrared system that senses objects in the door's path to prevent entrapment.

Genie's customer support of homeowners, along with dealers and retailers, is the industry best and is one of the main reasons why Genie is so well recognized in the homeowner market.

The Genie Company Has More To Offer

You may be asking yourself -Who am I purchasing this access product from?  Are they a well known business or a fly-by-night operation?  The Genie Company has 60+ years of industry leading products and performance.  We made your Grandma's Grandma's garage door opener! Read on to learn more about some features and benefits of owning and using our Genie products.

Genie garage door opener installed in a garage

Standard Features

All Genie garage door opener models include standard features that offer safety, security, technology, and compatibility. These features include patented dual frequency technology, Intellicode security, GenieSense™ monitoring & diagnostic technology, and compatibility with Homelink & Car2U.

2 Button Universal Garage Door Opener Remote

Accessories For Everyone

The garage door is often the largest entry point to most homes. Having easy access to open and close that door is important and convenient. We have expanded our Genie accessory line to add a Universal Series line to help our customers have multiple options to upgrade, replace, and add accessories to any garage!

Genie Garage Door Opener Being Installed

"Genuine Genie" Warranty

Buying GENUINE Genie garage door opener, accessories, and parts guarantees that you are getting quality OEM materials that are backed by our Genie warranty. The Genie Company offers a warranty on all of our products (warranty time frame can vary and is specific to each model).

Genie Smart Home Innovations

Product Innovation

Genie is helping bring smart home to the garage with innovative products to connect your life. Our extensive Smart Home Partner base is growing daily! These partnerships make pairing our Aladdin Connect RetroFit Kit or Integrated Aladdin Connect Garage Door Openers with your other smart devices simple.

Customer Support Available

Customer Support

Need assistance? We are here for you! We offer a wide range of customer support options including contact by phone or email, web chat services with a live agent, and a robust support section also located on our website.  All customer care teams and services are based in the USA.