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LED Garage Door Opener Light Bulbs 

Common LED and CFL bulbs can emit interference that limits the range of garage door opener remotes. The Genie LED lighting is specifically designed for use in garages and with garage door openers. The garage door opener bulb is also made to withstand the harsher environment of the garage. Garage door openers are known to vibrate during normal operation. This vibration can potentially shorten the life of normal light bulbs used in them. These LED bulbs are vibration/ shatter resistant, and cold weather tested. Eliminate or reduce garage door opener remote interference with this exclusive radio frequency friendly Genie LED light bulb! 

• Genie's LED bulb, designed specifically for garage door openers, creates little or no radio frequency interference issues with most opener remotes.


• Genie's LED bulb is tested to withstand 5G of shaking force, which greatly exceeds what is normal vibration for a garage door opener. Shatter-resistant materials make it even more durable.


• Genie's LED bulb is damp location rated AND tested for temperatures down to -30C (-22F) so conditions related to both will not impact the light's performance.


• Genie's LED bulb will operate for an estimated 25,000 hours, only cost about $1.07/year depending on local utilities, and supply a generous 800 lumens of light, equivalent to a 60-watt bulb.