BenchSentry Package Delivery Box outside on a porch

BenchSentry Package Lockbox - Maximum Security for Your Deliveries

Package theft is at an all-time high. A study by Safewise found that an astounding 210 million packages vanished from porches across America in 2021.  Perhaps you are expecting a high-value delivery and are looking for a way to ensure your package is delivered safely.  Maybe you own a home business and would like to offer a contact-free pickup solution.  Or possibly you desire to clean up the clutter on your porch and create a more organized delivery method.  There are many options and methods to ensuring the security of your packages. By choosing a method that provides the highest and most effective way of both securing and protecting your deliveries, you can rest easy knowing your packages are out of harm’s way.


  • Low-Level Security:  The lowest level of security for deliveries would be to do nothing!  Simply trust that when you return home after a long day your packages will be waiting.  You decide that you live in a safe neighborhood and have never had a problem with theft.  However, heavily populated areas, especially those in wealthy neighborhoods, are the perfect target for porch pirates.  Thieves can follow delivery trucks and nab a package soon after it is delivered and before you have a chance to retrieve it.
  • Medium-Level Security: A medium-level security would involve installing a doorbell camera.  You can successful watch the shrouded figure steal your package.  However, this does not stop the thief.  You could report the theft to the police, however, a video of a concealed person stealing your item leads no clues as to the culprit.  You could also install a motion-activated floodlight to shine light on the situation.  This may deter a thief - or cause them to grab the package quicker and speed away. Another option is to provide a way to conceal your package deliveries, perhaps in an inconspicuous container on your porch.  However, anyone can access the container and retrieve your deliveries.   
  • High-Level Security: The best way to prevent packages from being stolen is to eliminate the possibility that someone can steal your package.  The BenchSentry™ by Genie® is the secure solution for your home deliveries.  BenchSentry is a locked delivery box that will only open with the correct PIN number is entered.  Prevent theft by having the delivery driver place your package in the bench – not on your front porch! 


So how does the BenchSentry work?  Using the FREE app, sync your delivery tracking codes to your bench.  The driver can only open the bench when the last 4 digits of the tracking number are entered.  You can receive push notifications when the bench is opened, and a package is delivered.  The BenchSentry can be used by any mail carrier (such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, Amazon, or DHL).  You can also setup custom codes for family or friends!  The attractive design comes in either tan or slate colors and the bench design is HOA approved.  BenchSentry features 7 cubic feet of capacity.  Pre-drilled holes allow you to bolt the bench to your porch or run a security cable through.  You will need Wi-Fi as well as a standard outlet to connect to your bench.

 If you have Aladdin Connect® smartphone capabilities on your garage door opener, or the Aladdin Connect retrofit kit installed, you can sync your bench with your garage door opener!  You can setup large deliveries to be placed into the garage and the BenchSentry will open your garage door.  After 3 minutes, the garage door will close, ensuring safe and secure access. If your garage door opener is not smart, you can add the Aladdin Connect retrofit kit which is compatible with most brands of garage door openers made since 1993.

The BenchSentry is not only limited to use by delivery carriers.  Suppose you own a home business and are looking for a contactless way to transfer items?  Maybe your neighbor is returning an item they borrowed, and you are not home.  Create custom PIN codes for your neighbors and friends to grant them access to open your bench.  Clear the clutter from your front porch and ensure safe delivery of what matters to you by installing a BenchSentry today. 

Tan BenchSentry Package delivery box outside on a porch
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