Genie smart garage door openers with Aladdin connect now work with Brilliant Smart Home System

Control your Genie Wi-Fi Garage Door Openers and more with the Brilliant Smart Home System

We are pleased to announce that The Genie Company has a new integration with Brilliant, the leading smart home control and lighting company, to bring more convenience, simplicity, and security to smart homes across North America. The Genie full line of Wi-Fi enabled smart garage door openers powered by Aladdin Connect® can now be controlled from Brilliant’s in-wall touchscreen control panels and mobile app.

Now you can easily open/close garage doors from Brilliant touchscreen control panels, use the Brilliant app to control your garage doors, and add your smart Genie garage door openers powered by Aladdin Connect to home automation scenes.

Genie Smart Openers with Aladdin Connect now work with Brilliant Smart Home System

Brilliant transforms any house or apartment into an easy-to-use smart home by making it easy for everyone—family, friends, guests—to control lighting, cameras, locks, music, thermostats, intercom, home automation scenes, and now garage doors with our Genie smart garage door openers powered by Aladdin Connect. Brilliant works with a growing list of the most popular smart home products including Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Ring, Sonos, Honeywell Home, Ecobee, Schlage, Yale, August, Hue, LIFX, Wemo, SmartThings, Genie, and more. Every Brilliant Control Panel includes built-in Alexa voice control, a built-in camera with privacy shutter, and a built-in motion sensor.

Brilliant Control Panels install in the place of a standard light switch panel and are available in four models/sizes and six colors. Brilliant also manufactures Smart Dimmer Switches with built-in motion sensors and Smart Plugs, which enable homeowners to affordably add energy-efficient smart lighting throughout the home.

Key features of the Brilliant Smart Home System:

Unified Smart Home Control

Control lighting, cameras, locks, garage doors, cameras, music, thermostats, and more using easy-to-use touchscreen control panels or Brilliant’s all-in-one mobile app.

Built-in Voice Control

Put Amazon Alexa control in your walls and enjoy the convenience of clutter-free voice control with visual responses on Brilliant’s screen. Brilliant is also compatible with Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit through supported devices.

Smart Lighting

Easily control lights using Brilliant’s touchscreen, dimming sliders, built-in Alexa voice control, or built-in motion sensor. Brilliant turns regular lights into smart lights and works with Philips Hue, LIFX, Wemo, and other smart lighting products.

Ring Camera Monitoring

See who’s at the front door from any Brilliant Control panel or view live camera feeds for Ring cameras. If you have a smart lock installed, you can also let in visitors with a simple tap.

Access & Locks

Control door locks and garage access from any Brilliant Control panel without needing to carry a phone, download an app, or walk around the house to check if doors and garages are closed. Brilliant works with select products from Schlage, Yale, August, and Genie.

Home Automation and Scenes

Control the entire home with a tap or voice command by creating home automation scenes. Example scenes include a “Leave Home” or “Goodnight” scene that would close the garage doors, lock the front door, turn off lights and other connected products, and adjust the thermostat.

Intercom with Room-to-Room Video Chat

See and speak with people in other rooms and broadcast audio announcements to everyone at home between Brilliant Controls.

Sonos Music Control

Control your Sonos systems directly from the wall via touch or voice and let everyone at home easily access and play music without needing a phone or an app.

Built-in Camera with Privacy Shutter

Check in on your home and see a live video feed from the built-in camera in every Brilliant Control from any Brilliant Control or the Brilliant app. With two-way audio, you can also speak with people in other rooms. You decide which cameras to be accessible during setup and you can always take the extra step of blocking a camera using the physical privacy shutter.

Digital Photo Frame

Display your favorite photos and artwork on Brilliant’s screen to make your home feel more like home.


All-In-One Mobile App

Eliminate the hassle of using multiple smart home apps and do it all with the Brilliant mobile app for iOS and Android.


Learn more about Brilliant at, and learn more about the Aladdin Connect add-on kit here, or our smart garage door openers powered by Aladdin Connect found here

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Is Aladdin Connect supported by HomeKit or not? If I buy this thing, can I integrate my door into my homekit network?

M. Freeman

Buying the top of the line Genie 7155 garage door opener, paying more than $300. You would think, it would have a built in seamless integration with the garage door opener to add to Apple HomeKit. I didn’t buy this unit to spend more money 💲💰💲to add on a 3rd party device and software. That would actually defeat the purpose. I hope Genie would actually make that happen with a software update.

Georgi S.

@Leo – Thank you for your inquiry regarding the new Matter standard. We are working with the standards development team at Matter to improve how the standard addresses access control. Once those improvements are in place, which is likely part of a second revision to the standard, we will move forward.

Heather Rothacher

Will Aladdin Connnect be compatible with the new Matter standard?


@Jason – Please reach out to our Aladdin Connect specialists at 1-866-599-4995 for assistance.

Stephanie Millage

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