Decorating The Garage Door For The Holidays

Decorating The Garage For The Holidays

It’s been a lazy Saturday morning. You slept in until 9, put on a pot of coffee, and have made your way to the garage as you’re about to retrieve the newspaper waiting for you in front of the house. You press the keypad to open your garage door, your thoughts drifting to the delicious Thanksgiving meal you’ll enjoy with the family in a few short days. It’s your favorite time of year to take it a bit slower as you spend more time with family, making memories at the holidays. When the garage door fully opens, you step outside to take a deep breath of the crisp morning air. And then you see it. The neighbor’s house across the street is adorned with thousands of lights, an animated Santa and reindeer scene, and a wreath hanging from each window. Not to mention the garage door looks like a giant present. You glance to your own front door in disgust. That old wreath you hung last night looks pathetic compared to the magic across the street. You pick up the newspaper you came to retrieve and march back into the house. It’s time to make some plans.


Holiday Decorating: Don’t Forget the Garage Door

You’ve seen those holiday movies telling the story of two neighbors going all out in their holiday decorating contest. And although you don’t want to go to the extremes of the characters in the movies, you like to spruce up the house a bit during the holidays. With so many choices for decorations, it can be difficult to know where to begin.


One area of the house that is sometimes overlooked but makes a big difference when decorated well is the garage door. It’s a large blank canvas with a lot of potential, and there are many products available to make the job quick and simple. Below are four easy ideas for decorating your garage door during the Christmas season:


  1. A giant present Make your garage door look like a giant present by adding a big bow and ribbon. Homeowners can purchase ready-to-install bows and ribbon made from magnetic sheeting. Installation is a breeze, and it’s a very quick way to make your home more festival for the holidays. Bonus: removing the bow is just as easy as installing it, preventing the frustration of taking down the decorations after the holidays.
  2. A holiday mural Another way to make a big difference without hours of planning, buying, and installing is applying a garage door banner or mural. With a plethora of options, homeowners can purchase and install full-color banners and murals right onto the garage door. Choose scenes ranging from Christmas bulbs and presents to singing reindeer to Nativity scenes. Whatever your style, there is sure to be a mural that’s right for your garage.
  3. Light projections For a more dynamic style of decorating, use light projection machines to create shapes and dancing light on your garage door. With a variety of options from snowflakes to multi-colored light beams, you can create a light show of your very own. Many light projection machines include timing options, programmable light patterns, and use LED lights for brightness and energy efficiency.
  4. A traditional approach For homeowners who prefer a more traditional approach, wrap a garland in lights, and attach the garland around the garage door frame. While simple, this classic decorating style is sure to be a warm welcome home to family and friends.


Decorate Year Round

When most people think of decorating for the holidays, they think of Christmas. But the garage door offers opportunities to be festive year-round.


Halloween Transform the garage into a monster. Attach two giant eyes above the garage door, and hang a set of teeth or fangs in the garage door opening. When the door is open, your garage will look like a scary monster, perfect for welcoming trick-or-treaters.


4th of July, Thanksgiving, and more Garage door murals are not made only for Christmas. There are numerous designs available for occasions all year. Show your patriotism with red, white, and blue on the 4th of July and put up a turkey for Thanksgiving. There are even options for Mardi Gras and general seasonal designs throughout the year!


Graduation and special occasions Hosting a graduation or birthday party this year? Use garage door magnets to congratulate the graduate or guest of honor with a message on the garage door.


Plan Ahead

As you make plans for decorating the garage door, there are a few very important factors to consider so that the garage looks great but is still functional.


  1. Keep decorations thin. When placing items on the garage door itself, make sure that the door can easily raise and lower without obstruction. Items that are too thick may not fit between the door and the garage door opening. Garage door bows, banners, and murals are designed with thin profiles to prevent this issue.
  2. Take caution when placing decorations over multiple sections of the door. Some decorations may not be suitable for sectional garage doors or may require the decorations to be cut at each section so that the door moves freely. Carefully read installation instructions and warnings prior to purchasing decorations to ensure they are compatible with your style of door.
  3. Choose lightweight decorations. The weight of decorations can add up, making it difficult for homeowners to open the garage door. For homeowners with garage door openers, make sure the weight of your decorations does not make your garage door exceed the weight limit of your particular garage door opener.
  4. Choose the right adhesive. When attaching items to your garage door, avoid adhesives or other materials that will damage the surface of the garage door. For decorations made specifically for the garage door, carefully read instructions and warnings for installation and removal best practices.



The garage door is a blank canvas when it comes to decorating the exterior of your home for the holidays or a special occasion. With some creativity and special garage door decorations, you can quickly and easily create the festive home you desire.


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