Garage Door Automation: Aladdin Connect® Technology Built into Genie® Smart Garage Openers

Garage Door Automation: Aladdin Connect® Technology Built into Genie® Smart Garage Openers


The sunrise peaks through the curtains and graces your face just enough to peacefully awaken you from a long sleep. This morning is one of the rare occasions when you got to sleep in. A day off is just what you needed to relax and unwind after finishing up the latest big project at work.  You sit up and stretch your arms toward the ceiling, ready to embark on the relaxing day you’ve planned: reading the latest novel from your favorite author, catching up on the episodes you missed of your show, and spending some quality time with your 3-year-old son who normally would have been off to the sitter by this time. The only task for the day is letting in the plumber to fix the pesky faucet that’s been leaking for way too long.

 You hop out of bed and check the time. The plumber should be there in an hour. Suddenly you hear a shuffle, and you turn around to your red-faced son saying, “I don’t feel so good.” Next thing you know, your relaxing day turns into a dash to the doctor; you’re very concerned by the 103 degree fever you measured at home. In the waiting room you realize the plumber will be at your door any minute, expecting to be let in. You furl your brow in frustration, feeling defeated by the day until you remember the Aladdin Connect Technology built into your garage door opener that allows you to open the garage from anywhere using a smartphone app. You call the plumbing company, and they give you the plumber’s cell number. You call and ask him to text you when he’s at your house so that you can use the Aladdin Connect app to open the garage, letting him in. An hour later, you’re at the pharmacy getting a prescription when you receive another text that the faucet is fixed. You open the Aladdin Connect app and swipe to close the garage door. Maybe the peaceful day can be restored.

Be Home, Even When You’re Not

We cannot always be home when packages are delivered or the repair technician arrives to fix the air conditioning, but we don’t want to leave our homes unlocked and vulnerable either. Instead of leaving a key under the flower pot – which is the first place most thieves look – wouldn’t it be better to have control over when and how people enter your home while you aren’t there? Aladdin Connect Technology from Genie gives you the power to control your garage door opener from anywhere, at any time.

Simply download the app on your smartphone or tablet, program the Aladdin Connect Technology that is located in the garage door opener unit (certain models only), and you are all set to begin remotely controlling your garage door. It can even send you notifications when your door is opened or closed, so you know exactly what is going on at your garage at all times

Features and Benefits

Genie Aladdin Connect Technology is designed to help you automate your home and stay connected even when you are at work or on vacation. A variety of garage door opener control functions provide security and convenience at the push of a button. Additional benefits of the Aladdin Connect Technology system include:


  • Remote Access Control – Forget to close your garage door before you left? No problem. Need to open the door so Grandma can feed Fluffy while you are gone? Done. The intuitive smartphone app gives you complete control over your garage door from anywhere. The app is iOS and Android compatible and provides real-time alerts of door position, user access, and a history of activity.
  • Increased Security – Aladdin Connect lets you set a user access list, providing unique “Virtual Keys” to only the people you want to have access to your garage. A virtual key provides temporary or permanent access to additional users. So give the house sitter a “key” for that week you are spending at Myrtle Beach, and then turn her access off until next year.
  • Easy Access Monitoring – Not sure when your teen got in last night? Check the Aladdin Connect Technology history logs and see when his user code was used. The history logs provide a minute-by-minute account of usage and show exactly who opened and closed the garage door based on user key. (Does not monitor manual openings)
  • Convenient Alerts – Did you close the garage door before jumping in bed? No need to get out of your warm sea of blankets to check; simply pull up the Aladdin Connect app and close the door if necessary. The openers’ circuit board located inside the garage door opener monitors the door position and can be set to notify you if the door is opened by another user.
  • Automated Scheduling – Never forget to close your garage door again. Set a schedule for your garage door that closes it after a certain time of day or after it has been open for a certain period of time.
  • Improved Door Safety – Keep children and pets safe during door closing with UL 325 compliant audible and visual signals. If the garage door is operated with a smart device, audible and visual alarms from the operators’ motorhead will go over prior to door movement. This ensures children or pets can be totally clear of the moving apparatus before the door begins to close. This feature is in addition to the safety provided by Genie’s Safe-T-Beam® System, which uses an invisible beam to detect anything in the path of the garage door. If any object is detected, the door stops and moves to the open position, protecting anything in the way of the door.
  • Easy Setup – The Aladdin Connect Technology comes standard in some Genie products but is also available as an upgrade for your existing garage door opener. Setup is easy and can be performed after the garage door opener is installed as normal. Instructional videos can be found on Genie’s website or YouTube channel for even easier setup!

Products Integrated with Aladdin Connect Technology

Genie manufactures over 20 different garage door openers with integrated Aladdin Connect Technology.  Utilize the Genie product selector located here to locate the perfect opener for you.  To search for an opener with integrated Aladdin Connect select "Wi-Fi" under the "Features & Options" column on the left. 

Our Reputation is Everything

Genie has been a trusted brand for over 60 years, providing quality products and unparalleled customer service. Aladdin Connect Technology is simple to set up and uses an intuitive user interface that makes programming easy. If you need product support for Genie garage door openers or the associated smart technology features, our agents are available via live chat, telephone, or email support.

Find out more about our Aladdin Connect Add-On Kit Here

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I don’t see anywhere on the app the schedule my door to close a a certain time. Ver 6.0.3 build 106

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