Genie Aladdin Connect Now Works with for New Home Builders

Genie Aladdin Connect Now Works with for New Home Builders

When the largest moving object in your home is the garage door, you want to ensure that it is both safe and secure. Genie equips every garage door opener with a Safe-T-Beam® system that stops your garage door from closing on people or pets that cross the path of a closing door, and a reversing feature that stops the door from closing if it detects an obstruction. In addition to these standard safety features, Genie offers smart garage door openers with Aladdin Connect® Wi-Fi technology that allows you to control access to your garage door and receive notifications when it is opened. This smart technology gives an additional peace of mind knowing that you are in control of your garage door by being connected to your smart phone. 

Many of the smart home products available today seek to provide a sense of security and peace of mind by enabling you to know what is happening in and around your home. Smart home systems provide that peace of mind by allowing you to control your garage door, lights, thermostat, door locks, security systems, and cameras all from a single app. Combining traditional security systems with smart door locks and garage door openers enables security dealers to extend their offering to include access control capabilities that give you control of who can enter your home. Given that the majority of people with garages use the garage as the primary access/entry point for the home, integrating the garage door opener with smart home systems that include security is essential to providing a complete access control system for the home.

That is why we are particularly delighted to announce that Genie Smart Garage Door Openers with Aladdin Connect® technology and Aladdin Connect® retrofit kits are now integrated with®, a leading smart home platform in the residential security channel.® is installed and customized by over 8,000 security dealers nationwide, giving an extra layer of safety and peace of mind.® is a leading smart home platform among new home builders, so it makes sense to connect with the most recognized garage door opener brand. The platform capabilities of® include home automation, access control, and integration with residential security systems. These systems are being installed by a growing number of leading production home builders in North America. To learn more about and their capabilities to keep your home safe please visit

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