Genie Garage Door Opener Intellicode Rolling Code Security Technology

Genie Garage Door Opener Intellicode Rolling Code Security Technology

In 1995 Genie Garage Door Openers upgraded to and all new patented platform of rolling code garage door opener remote security known as Intellicode® Technology. Almost 25 years later it is still the pinnacle of wireless garage door opener security. What is Genie Intellicode?   Intellicode technology that is used in Genie garage door openers, governs the communication with the garage door openers’ remote.  Every time the Genie garage door opener remote button is pressed, a code is sent to the garage door opener, to tell it to open; with Intellicode technology, this code NEVER stays the same.  It is a rolling code technology that changes the access code every time the button is pressed, with billions of combinations of codes to choose from, making using a Genie garage door opener very secure. It is nearly impossible for hackers, or those trying to steal the code to the garage door opener, to gain entry into the home.

Prior to 1995, most garage door openers worked on a Fixed Code technology.  What this means is that a remote was programmed with a set of 9 or 12 dipswitches that could be moved up and down to configure a “code”.   The receiver on the garage door opener, would need to match the code inside the garage door opener remote.  Every time the button was pressed to open or close the garage door, the same code is used, repeatedly.  Given that the same code is used repeatedly and very few codes or combination of codes to “choose” from, it would only be a matter of time before those hackers would figure out the code, match their remote to your code, and then gain access into the garage.

If you are still currently using a garage door opener, Genie or any other brand, with this type of fixed code technology, your garage isn’t very safe.  Unfortunately, there are devices available that will check for these types of old fixed code garage door openers. Hackers could then use this device to test every possible combination of fixed code, find your code, and gain access into the home.  You may think that because your current garage door opener works fine that you don’t need to upgrade the entire system. Good news, Genie garage door openers has a solution for you.  If your current garage door has safety beams or garage door safety sensors installed, you can upgrade just the receiver to the Genie GIRUD Universal Garage Door Opener Conversion kit. This garage door opener remote upgrade kit is universal and works with most garage door openers with this type of technology.  We do recommend that you deactivate the current receiver in your garage door opener, to eliminate any type of way that the old code system could still be used.  

The conversion kit is super easy to install, mounts near the garage door opener and plugs into the same standard outlet.  This kit comes with a new garage door opener remote to upgrade you to Genie’s secure Intellicode rolling code technology.  Now you can use any Genie Intellicode device (up to 7 total) with this new Genie Universal Garage Door Opener Conversion Kit. These Genie Intellicode devices include a new exterior wireless garage door opener keypad, wireless wall console, and multiple different Genie garage door opener remotes. Stay safe, stay secure, upgrade your outdated un-secure fixed code garage door opener with a Genie GIRUD Universal Garage Door Opener Conversion kit. 

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@ Nancy – You can find help for programming your garage door opener to Homelink here:

Heather Rothacher

How do I program the garage with the eloping code radio system to work via my car? When I followed the instructions in the cars owner manual it is not working


@Theodore Richards – The older Excelerator models can hold up to seven wireless devices. This includes any old remotes, or wireless devices that have been programmed. Once there is seven, any new remote programmed will kick the last one out that was programmed. To fix this, you can clear the receiver. To clear it press and hold the learn code button in until the red led light goes out. Then reprogram each wireless device back in to the power head up to seven.
You can also call 1-800-354-3643 for programming assistance.

Heather Rothacher

I have the genie excelerator with intellicode remote control and series II electronics matching outdoor keypad. I would like to know how many remotes the receiver can handle. I have three cars and the keypad for remotes and when I tried to program the forth remote the keypad is shut out and vice versa when the forth car is programmed the keypad I’d shut out. Will the receiver only handle three remotes

Theodore Richards

@Lance – All our Genie remotes and keypads feature Intellicode technology.

Stephanie Millage

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