Genie®’s Garage Door Opener Quality Management Program- An inside look!

Genie®’s Garage Door Opener Quality Management Program- An inside look!


What does quality mean to you? When you think of a quality product that you own, what features make up that description for you? Is it customized components made by trained craftsmen? Is it ongoing product support and technical assistance when you need it most? Great customer service? Or is it just an obvious attention to detail and sense of pride in in the construction of the product? Quality means a lot of things to a lot of people but most consistently describes not only the construction of the product, but also the perception of the overall brand name. Therefore the “Genuine Genie” seal of approval means something. It means that all the garage door openers, parts and accessories; manufactured by Genie, will meet or exceed your expectations. Check out Why Genie is The Brand You Trust



Genie: The Stamp of Quality

Genie garage door openers are the gold standard for automated garage door openers. Every component is constructed of high-quality materials and put through continuous quality testing. With 60+ years in the garage door opener industry, the brand recognition of Genie stands for quality parts and incredible customer service. The decision was made from the beginning to keep all of Genie’s customer and technical support in the USA, available 6 days a week, to ensure the best possible customer experience. Genie has a well-documented and quantifiable quality testing procedure that sets our operations apart from the competition. Learn more about our quality program below and see why Genie is the brand you trust.


We Listen to Our Customers

Ever read an online review of a product? So has our Quality Department, every last one of them. We read every review, so we can understand what our customers need and why, improving product design and managing quality analysis. We also complete a detailed analysis of any warranty return items, identifying the root causes of any issues and incorporating improvements across the product range. Finally, we perform weekly cross-functional quality reviews of quality issues to assure resolution and a robust product improvement process.


Starting with High-Quality Components

Our quality managers perform annual audits at key suppliers to ensure componentry and parts are produced to exacting standards. Genie only uses materials of the utmost quality, ensuring that everything from the garage door opener light bulbs to the remote controls and keypads can withstand years of continued service. Our suppliers go through an extensive application and review process, ensuring that Genie components are the best on the market. Genie garage door openers routinely last decades, and our goal is to ensure that the useful life of all our products exceeds the homeowner’s expectations.


Intensive In-House Quality Control

Once the raw materials for our openers enter our factory, quality management assures control at each stage of the process. We track the origin and batch number of every part, maintaining impeccable records that allow our engineers to identify and manage any issues that may arise based on design, raw material, or preassembled part. We incorporate 100% in-line operators function verification, which means that every part of a Genie opener is tested for functionality prior to leaving the factory. If it doesn’t work or there is a problem with it, the product doesn’t leave our facility. Period.


Durability is an important part of our product mantra, which is why our engineers are continually pulling production samples from the assembly line to perform field durability tests. We test everything from unit strength, component function, and electronic component performance to the effects of repeated wear movements on mechanical components. Our testing ensures that your garage door opener holds up for decades to come. To learn more, watch the episode of “How It’s Made” that featured Genie’s garage door openers.


Certified Testing Facilities

Our Engineering Laboratory facility is UL certified, ensuring our testing procedures are compliant with industry standards and that our engineers follow strict quality guidelines that are approved and verified by an independent third-party. UL is one of the oldest and most respected certification organizations in the world, producing compliance and safety procedure guidelines for all levels of manufacturing. UL Certification means that a rigorous audit process has verified the safety of the operators and the product in a manufacturing facility. Our production facilities are also FM Certified, ensuring that our products are produced reliably with repeatable results and based on sustainable solutions. Genie has had no negative third-party audit findings for UL or FM certification audits at any of our production facilities.


Real World Data

An internal quality control program is essential, as is listening to the voice of the customer. This is why Genie performs frequent installation studies and evaluations of instruction documentation to identify potential opportunities that will improve the customer’s experience with Genie product in terms of product functionality as well as ease of installation. We also maintain constant communication with our professional installers throughout the Adopt-a-Dealer program. Our engineers use this valuable data to determine what new product features and installation tools to include in our product arsenal. Reviewing installation notes from actual customers ensures that our designers are connected to and understand the specific needs of the product end-users.



Our products are top quality and innovative, but if they are damaged in transit, their high quality components and years of innovation does not matter much. We complete 100% in-line verification of packaging to ensure that our products arrive looking great and are protected on their journey. Our engineers also perform packaging durability testing on all of our packaging styles. Our goal is for your garage door opener to arrive to you in the best possible condition.


Genie is a brand that has and will always be focused on providing quality products at reasonable prices. Visit our website to learn more about our products, to place an order, or to contact an installer today.

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