Genie Smart Garage Door Openers: With Aladdin Connect Technology

Genie Smart Garage Door Openers: With Aladdin Connect Technology

Our garage door openers are built with quality and innovation.  With many options to choose from, our top choice – Any garage door opener with built-in Aladdin Connect smart technology.  With the addition of smart tech built into our garage door openers, it makes monitoring your garage door easy.  

We’ve all been there, rushing out in the morning, getting the kids in the car, making sure you have your work bag, laptop, and coffee, with only 15 minutes to get the kids to school and to make it to work on time.  You quickly leave your driveway, and head on out.  You barely made it on time, but as you sip your coffee, preparing for the day, you start prioritizing your day, planning for meeting after meeting.  As you begin pushing through your work, you start asking yourself, did I remember to close my garage door?  As the un-easy feeling of an open garage door sits on your mind, you quickly remember I have Aladdin Connect on my phone, I can check the garage door myself!  As you open the Aladdin Connect app, the door status is “open”.  As you shake your head, you quickly close the smart garage door from your phone, all from the comfort of your desk.  

Upgrading to a Genie smart garage door opener with Aladdin Connect tech makes life easier, and more convenient.  The above scenario only covers a small piece of what Aladdin Connect smart garage door openers can do for you.  For the smart home tech lovers, the Aladdin Connect technology also lets your garage become part of your smart home. You can easily integrate the Aladdin Connect with your Alexa app, or your SmartThings routines.  Make it even easier, and smarter, to open your garage door by asking Alexa to open the door for you or create a routine to shut the lights out and lock the doors, making sure the garage door is part of this routine before bed.  With multiple compatibilities with smart home systems the adding your Aladdin Connect smart garage door opener to your smart home app, makes your Genie smarter than ever.

Check out this video below on our smart garage door openers, and the Connected Home:


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