Give a true Father’s Day Gift, Not a Project – Genie Furnish & Install

Give a true Father’s Day Gift, Not a Project – Genie Furnish & Install

Fathers. They are the fixers. The middle-of-the-night-busted-water-pipe plumbers, the stranded-in-the-middle-of-nowhere roadside mechanics, and the I-just-plugged-in-my-surge-protector electricians. We believe our Dads can fix anything, which is why their desks and workbenches are filled with broken toys and malfunctioning appliances while the garage is stuffed full with various partly finished projects. Our Dads are something special – born in an era of Do-It-Yourself machismo and driven by a desire to see the fruits of their labor, they like hard work and appreciate the marks of a craftsman. 


Dads are the jacks-of-all-trades superheroes that keep life running with some box-end wrenches and duct tape. Reward dear ol’ Dad this year by giving him something he won’t have to fix or install himself this Father’s Day. Give him the gift of a Genie with in-home garage door opener installation by one of our qualified service professionals. 


Installation Factors to Consider

We get it, most dads think doing it right means doing it yourself. But Genie has a team of thousands of professionals nationwide that have been installing garage door openers for over 65 years. So, let us take this project off dad’s “honey do” list and get it done.


  • Convenience – Skip the shipping! Genie garage door opener installation teams provide a turnkey service: buy the garage door opener in-store or online and our team arrives ready for the installation along with your new garage door opener at a time that is convenient for you. No shipping and no lugging the unit home in the back of your Volvo. (Installing a new garage door opener normally requires 2-4 hours for a trained professional)
  • Expert Installation –  Dependability, high quality, and nationwide service are just a few reasons to choose a Genie branded garage door opener. Our professional garage door opener installers will know the best way to save both time and money on the project.
  • Routine Maintenance – If Dad’s garage door is in disrepair, now may be the best time to perform some maintenance or even a full garage door replacement. Our installation specialists also perform all levels of garage door repair, garage door opener repair, garage door coil replacement, and garage door rail service. 
  • Amount of Assistance – Installing a Genie garage door opener is typically a two-person job. There is some lifting (<40 lbs.) and maneuvering required to correctly align and mount the unit on the ceiling. This is most easily accomplished with the assistance of one or two helpers. Performing garage door track service or replacing parts, such as a garage door broken belt or garage door broken spring, is also best performed with a team. Our installation professionals always know how best to approach your project.
  • Programming - Each Genie opener has different instructions for completing the programming and Battery Backup setup. The instructions are comprehensive and cover all aspects of programming and digital troubleshooting. While programming Genie garage door openers is easy to do on your own, our installers will uninstall the old garage door opener, install the new, and ensure that the new opener performs flawlessly before handing the remote over to Dad.


Installers: Who am I Working With?

Your father may be used to hiring a handyman off of the street to complete the odd project around the house, but in today’s contracting market that initial cost savings in price may turn into a very expensive mistake later on. When it comes to installing garage doors and openers, The Home Depot has a team of Furnish & Install professionals dedicated to making sure your garage door project runs smoothly from start to finish. Our teams of experienced installation specialists are familiar with all major brands and models of garage door openers. They are local, licensed and insured, and undergo a thorough background-screening process. The Home Depot installs garage doors and garage door openers with extended warranties that go beyond industry standards.


Service and Repair

Sometimes garage door openers may fail or malfunction after years of use, and rather than worrying whether Dad is going to fall off the ladder on to the garage floor, why not have a professional come to assess the situation? Our authorized service providers are prepared to diagnose and repair the problem often upon their first visit. They can repair common issues such as:

  • Wall switch or remote not working
  • Grinding noise coming from the opener
  • Bent or rusted track


Our technicians are also familiar with the latest in garage door opener trends, including smartphone control, Wi-Fi, and battery back-up options. If there is an issue with your garage door or garage door opener, our service providers can fix it.


Getting an Estimate

Your dad is still the same guy who turned the thermostat down to 66 degrees in December and asked if the switches were broken when he walked into empty rooms with the lights still on, so he is going to be concerned with the cost of a garage door installation or garage door opener installation. Put his mind at ease by calling ahead for an estimate prior to any work being performed. Our service provider will complete a 14-point inspection of your garage door and provide an estimate of repair or installation costs. There is generally a fee for this service, but if you move forward with the repair the inspection fee will be applied to the repair costs. 



Give Dad the gift of Genie today so he can rest easy tomorrow knowing that his garage door opener was installed correctly and he didn't have to lift a finger. Installing a garage door opener is a project that many homeowners can complete on their own to cut labor costs, but professional installation is often worth it in the long run. Most garage door opener installations and services are covered by a limited Labor Warranty which is provided by the installer. Genie knows you take pride in your home, which is why we take pride in our products. 


Contact us today to learn more about any of our garage door opener products, as well as professional installation services.

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Being a father is not that easy but having them is a blessing. When I was repairing my garage doors when I suddenly fell off the ladder and then an accident occurs. Regardless of what happened, I still worrying about the garage doors because it was not done yet. My eldest son told me that I will never worry anymore because he already fix it and a garage door specialist already solved the problem. Thanks to the garage door specialist! Happy Fathers Day in advance!

Matthew Kerr

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