Leaving Instructions for Delivery Drivers to Access Your Package Delivery Box

Leaving Instructions for Delivery Drivers to Access Your Package Delivery Box

Your BenchSentry Package Delivery Box has arrived! It’s put together and looks great on your porch. It fits so seamlessly into front porch design; but delivery drivers don’t always notice right away that it’s there for them to use for packages. BenchSentry provides a yard sign and signs on the bench to let drivers know to use the bench.  But you can also let them know to use the bench by providing delivery instructions.  The simplest method to provide delivery instructions is to add a note to ‘delivery in the bench’ in the second line of the address when ordering.  In addition, each delivery service has their own unique way to specify delivery instructions; let’s take a look.  


United States Postal Service (USPS)

The postal service’s Delivery Instructions service allows you to specify and authorize how incoming packages are to be delivered. From the USPS website:


After checking to ensure eligibility on USPS.com, follow these steps and online prompts:

  1. Click on “Delivery Instructions” next to your shipment tracking number.
  2. The system will ask you to login to your USPS.com account (you can set one up at that time if you don’t already have one).
  3. Follow the prompts to see if your address is eligible and to then specify instructions for delivery.
USPS Delivery Instructions

Here you would check “On the porch” then add the instructions to delivery in bench on porch and use the last four digits of the tracking code to unlock it.






FedEx Delivery Instructions

FedEx has a service called the FedEx Delivery Manager. It’s an app you download to your mobile device and allows you to give requests for upcoming deliveries. Let the driver know where the box is on your porch (especially if you’ve got a bigger, furnished porch), and tell the driver to delivery in bench on porch and use the last four digits of the tracking code to unlock the bench.

These instructions will be saved in the app and will apply to all packages delivered to you by FedEx. Instructions do take up to 24 hours to display in their system, so make sure to enter the instructions at least one day in advance.



UPS Delivery Instructions

Like FedEx, UPS has an app you can download, but also allows you to make changes and add information on the website if you’re sick of downloading an app for everything. After creating an account, go to your Profile Page and navigate to “Delivery Preferences” and turn it from Off to On. From there you’ll be asked to verify your identity (this ensures only you can direct delivery drivers where to drop packages), then go to “UPS My Choice Preferences.”


Under “Delivery Options” is “Driver Instructions.” On this screen you’ll see a drop down box under “Delivery Location.” Choose “Porch” from here, then consider leaving a post it on the Package Delivery Box asking the driver to deliver packages in the bench and unlock it by entering last four digits of the tracking number.



Amazon Delivery Instructions

Amazon’s process is the easiest yet. Once you’ve reached the checkout stage in your Cart, simply choose “Add Delivery Instructions” under your Shipping Address and scroll down to “Add More Instructions.” From here choose “Do we need additional instructions to find this address?” In the text box given, ask the driver to place packages in the bench using the last four digits of the tracking code to unlock it.

Once you’ve entered that information, save the instructions then continue with your purchase as normal.

Your BenchSentry Package Delivery Box will be full before you know it! Drivers find these instructions easy to follow and the Bench easy to use. No matter which delivery service you’re using, BenchSentry will protect your packages from theft and weather. Thwart porch pirates today with this simple and easy-to-use product intended to fit beautifully into your porch design.

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