Genie screw drive garage door openers

Less Maintenance, More of Life: Genie’s Screw Drive Garage Door Openers Add Swift To Your Lift

Your garage door opener helps your family keep up their busy schedule, day in and day out, but it does more than just lift your garage door up and down – it keeps your family safe from dangers lurking in the night, it keeps your home secure and your valuables safe, it provides protection during inclement weather, and can be your answering service when you are not home. But all that work sometimes comes at a price, requiring constant maintenance and adjustments to ensure your garage door opener functions as it should.

Your home is filled with modern conveniences designed to make your life simpler and more fulfilled. The carpets of your home are swept by a motorized hockey puck that guides, charges, and resets itself. Your furnace is set to follow an automatic heating schedule, changing temperatures to maximize your heating dollars and minimize your need to adjust the thermostat. Every light in your house is controlled by your smart home hub, turning off the lights in the family room when it’s time for bed and turning the lights on the back porch on so that Fido can see to do “his business” after dark.

Your home’s modern conveniences are designed to help add hours of freedom to our day, liberating you from the mundane tasks of running a household so that you can spend more time as a family. Unfortunately, sometimes the maintenance of these conveniences can lead to more hours away from our families than was originally anticipated. Thankfully, your garage door opener does not have to be a time-sucking convenience.

The Genie Screw Drive Garage Door Opener is built tough to handle heavy garage doors or applications in which speed is important. Additionally, Genie’s screw drive technology offers a direct, maintenance-free connection between the lifting mechanism and the opener motor to provide enhanced performance, durability, and convenience in a single package.


Genie’s screw drive technology lifts heavy doors fast. Today’s garage doors are made of a variety of materials, such as steel, wood, insulation and weather stripping, that can add some serious heft. Unlike Genie’s screw drive openers, most other garage door openers are not equipped to handle the heavier load, causing doors to slow down.

Genie’s screw drive garage door openers are two times faster than most other openers, making them the fastest, most powerful garage door openers on the market. The screw drive openers are equipped with powerful DC motors and feature GenieSense™ Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology that monitors door speed and weight, delivering maximum lifting power to Genie’s proprietary direct drive screw as the load increases. Much like the cruise control in your car, GenieSense works with the DC motor to deliver more or less power when needed, increasing the overall speed of lifting the door.

Most of the Genie screw drive garage door opener models have 140V DC motors – the largest in the industry – and can open even the heaviest doors at 12 inches per second, twice the speed of other brands.


Most garage door openers on the market today are either chain drive or belt drive. Chain drive garage door openers connect the motor to a cog-operated chain lifting mechanism. This design is affordable and features a rugged, time-tested design that is long lasting.  Chain drives are reliable and are a great choice for standard aluminum garage doors.  They do, however, require periodic minimal maintenance for proper operation and longevity.

Belt Drive garage door openers are built with a steel-reinforced belt to offer durable and ultra-quiet operation. If the garage is attached to living spaces, near bedrooms or nurseries, belt drives are the best choice for disturbance-free operation. They require periodic minimal maintenance for proper operation as well.

Genie’s screw drive garage door openers are a direct drive system made with forged steel screw that offers powerful, durable, reliable and quick operation. The motor is directly connected to the screw, so it doesn’t use gears to drive the motor, which means fewer parts to wear out and less maintenance. Genie's screw drive comes pre-lubricated from the factory and has an enclosed rail system to mitigate cleaning needs or additional lubrication needs.


The new rail design for Genie’s Screw Drive garage door openers is shorter in height, which means less headroom is required for installation. Lower head clearance means the screw drives can be installed in a larger number of applications. Additionally, the new screw drive has no metal to metal contact, which means they are less noisy and require no additional maintenance or lubrication.

All Genie® garage door openers have the Safe-T-Beam® Non-Contact Reversing System, Intellicode® Security, and emergency release cords. Additionally, almost all units are available with Sure-Lock™, a special feature that prevents wireless devices from opening the door while you are on vacation or away from home for extended periods of time.

Genie units that have Aladdin Connect® Technology have additional safety features, such as coded entry logs and controllable user accessibility, giving you the ultimate control over who enters and exits your garage. You can even create a schedule that automatically closes the garage door at a certain time of day, eliminating the possibility of forgetting to close the door in the evening.

Get More Out of Life with Genie Screw Drive Technology

The Genie Screw Drive Garage Door Opener is designed to ensure you spend more time on what matters, not on maintaining your garage door opener. Visit our website to learn more about the Genie Screw Drive models or contact us today to speak with a customer service representative.

Also, check out the MachForce Family of Screw Drive Garage Door Openers, exclusive to Home Depot, which features a motor rated at 2 HPc for maximum performance in an efficient and maintenance-free package
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@Arlene – You may have an issue with your Safe-T-Beam sensors. Both should be lit – one should be solid red and one green. If one or both of them are out it is an indication of a wiring issue. Make sure they are aligned, clear, and free of obstructions. For additional assistance, reach out to us at 1-800-354-3643.

Stephanie Millage

Just installed model# 4062-TKNMSO, remote will lift garage door but will not close the garage door.
Do I wipe out the code & reprogram as an initial set up?
Thank you

Arlene Forcen

This video describes exactly what our garage door is doing and how to fix it. Very simple repair. Excellent instructions – thanks!

Zing 68

I replaced my Genie Pro-98 1/2 hp (purchased Nov 1989) with a Genie MachForce Connect Model 4063. it was not easy for a 74 year old doing it alone. However, with numerous Emails, phone calls and chat sessions with Genie Tech Support Team I was able to complete the installation. Thank you Genie Tech Support Team.

Steve H

My screw drive does not move when attempting to open the door and the motor is spinning is there a worn out gear that needs replacement?

Gilbert Cabral

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