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Our Genie Aladdin Connect Smart Home Partners, and Why We Love Them

Genie® Smart Garage Door Openers powered by Aladdin Connect® have many high-tech features built into the Aladdin Connect® smart home app. These features include creating rules to open or close the garage door at a set time or to close the garage door in a set time frame.  Unlike any other smart garage door opener you can invite up to 19 additional virtual key users, give them temporary or recurring access, and shut off access at anytime. The Aladdin Connect® App does not stop there. Aladdin Connect integrates with leading smart home partners so you can incorporate your garage door with the rest of your smart home or use your voice to easily open/close your garage door, get customized alerts, or set up automation.

Aladdin Connect® smart garage door openers are integrated with Amazon Alexa®,Google Assistant®, Google Home®Brilliant Smart Home Systems®, Control4®®, SmartThings®, Clare®, URC®, BenchSentry®,  and Jervis Systems®. There are many reasons why Genie chose to partner with all of these different Smart Home Platforms. We noted that many of our existing users are requesting it, or because certain partners have specific features that are very unique, or because these partners see the value in Aladdin Connect for their users. Each of our partners have unique features that we love and we will outline those below.

 Aladdin Connect smart garage door openers work with alexa

Works with Alexa

Genie is one of very few garage door opener brands with Smart technology that is Works with Alexa Certified as a smart home skill.   Works with Alexa, allows the user pair the Genie Smart Garage Door Opener with Aladdin Connect technology with an Alexa Echo Dot Speaker. Then simply say “Alexa, Close My Garage Door” and Alexa will close the garage door for you.  This feature makes it so much easier, when you have your hands full taking the garbage out, to just say “Alexa, open the garage door” so you don’t have to put that garbage bag that is full of germs on the floor and touch a button.   


Genie aladdin connect works with google assistant and android auto

Google Assist and Google Home:

If you have an Android phone, this tip is for you! If you link your Aladdin Connect Account in Google Home it allows the Google Assistant to control the door via smart speakers or in your car using the Android Auto system. So all you have to do, is tell your Android Auto speakers to open and or close your garage door for you!


Brilliant Smart Home System:

Brilliant has a comprehensive smart home panel product, that simply replaces any light switch.   These smart home panels allow you to add all of your smart device controls to them. Then you can use touch, or voice control them, with the ability to see what each device is doing from the screens on the panels.   So not only can you pair multiple brands of devices in a smart home app, Brilliant allows you to use a smart home app in conjunction with a smart home panel to transform any house, garage, or apartment into an easy-to-use smart home system.  This video shows how a Brilliant smart home system works.


  Genie aladdin connect works with Control4 smart home company


Many new homes are just like new cars, packed with technology. The higher tier home builders are making smart homes part of their selling features but worry that not everyone wants the complexity of a fully integrated smart home. These is where Conrol4 really shines. They take the complexity of high end smart devices, like Aladdin Connect, and simplify the interface to your smartphone or a Control4 tablet. This tablet can be portable, or wall mounted. Their platform takes all the guess work out of controlling the home and Genie’s Aladdin Connect integrates seamlessly with Control4. To add one more reason to love Control4 they have set up smart alerts and routines to both remind you if the garage door has been open longer than normal or to shut it when you tell the system you are going to bed.


 Genie Aladdin Connect works with like many other options in this list allow for seamless integration of many different smart devices. However, where they differ is their added level of home security. Founded as a security first device that aggregates with other smart home partners gives them a leg up on the competition. Since your garage door is the most commonly used entry point to the home it makes sense to integrate Aladdin Connect with your home security system and that is exactly what does. They incorporate cameras, smoke alarms, window security sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, Aladdin Connect smart garage door openers with HVAC, smart speakers, and all of the other creature comforts of the modern home into one smart ecosystem.  Even if your power and internet lines are down is there to keep your home secure.

Additional smart home partners are constantly being added for compatibility with our Aladdin Connect. Click here for the latest innovations and our current partners.



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Love the Aladdin, but wondering why in the world the app isn’t Android Auto enabled/qualified? Would be super nice to be able to bring it up on the screen of my car (2023 VW GTI)

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Please check out our dealer locator here: or contact us by phone at 1-800-354-3643. Thank you!


seeking a repairman for my existing genie opener

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