Smart Home Integration - The Genie Company

Smart Home Integration - The Genie Company

Your garage door is the largest, most used entry point in your home.  In today’s digital world, keep your garage door opener up-to-date with the latest technology integration innovations from Genie.  Upgrade your garage door opener and make it smart! Worries such as “Did I close my garage?” are now worries of the past with the Genie Aladdin Connect.

The Genie Aladdin Connect Smart Garage Door Controller allows you complete control over the status of your garage door opener – from your phone!  Use the free Aladdin Connect app to monitor and control if your garage door opener is open or closed.  Create virtual keys to allow visitors access to your home.  You can also set rules which allow you to have your garage door automatically open or close at a certain time.  Your phone now becomes your remote to your garage! If your garage door does not have integrated Aladdin Connect, you can install the Aladdin Connect retro-fit kit to make your garage door opener smart.  The Aladdin Connect is also integrated with many smart home systems.

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Aladdin Connect also works with the smart home systems Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant!  You now can control and monitor your garage door opener using voice commands.  For additional security, you can add a PIN code so that only you can use the Aladdin Connect voice commands for your garage door. Setup is quick and easy!  Simply link your Aladdin Connect app to your smart home app.  Take control of your garage door opener by saying commands such as: “Alexa, ask Aladdin Connect to open my door” or “Hey Google, open my garage door.”  Your wishes will now be granted with the Aladdin Connect.


Keep your smart devices easily accessible with the SmartThings app by Samsung.  This app allows you to control multiple smart devices from a single app!  Control and monitor your Aladdin Connect garage door opener along with other smart devices or home appliances easily all in one spot – the SmartThings app!  SmartThings users can tell their smart home speaker to close or open their Aladdin Connect garage door opener.  Users can also setup a geo-tag, which will recognize entry to the driveway and then the garage door will open.  Autonomous features are also available, such as setting the garage door to close after a certain number of minutes.  The SmartThings app integrates the latest in safety technology features such as fire and carbon monoxide protection by opening the garage door if these threats are sensed. is a security-first device management system that is used by millions.  The app allows users to control their entire property remotely – including their garage door opener with an Aladdin Connect! connects all aspects of home-security and monitoring to their users.  Users can monitor their home lights, locks, video cameras, security system status, and garage door opener status from their phone.  The Aladdin Connect paired with will allow users to receive access alerts, automate the access of their garage, and respond to emergency situations quickly.


The Brilliant Smart Home System is a an in-wall lighting control system.  It easily allows users to control lighting, cameras, doorbells, intercoms, and their garage door opener from the Brilliant Wall Control or app.  Connect your Aladdin Connect to the Brilliant Control to monitor and control access to your garage.  You can also use Alexa on the Brilliant Control to use voice commands to open or close your garage door.


Control4 is a premium smart home operating system which allows you to control your smart home from a single interface.  View and control your security system, temperature control, window shades, lighting, cameras and of course – your garage door opener!  The Aladdin Connect is compatible with Control4, so you can easily control the access of your garage door by opening or closing it with the touch of a button.  Using Control4, your garage door opener can be controlled using a mobile device, a wall-mounted touchscreen, or a handheld remote.

Clare Controls

ClareOne is a professionally installed wireless smart home touchscreen controller that includes wireless security and home automation functions. Monitor and control your Aladdin Connect garage door opener with the controller or the app.  Clare Controls is DIY-friendly smart home control, allowing users to customize their experience.


Yonomi is the free smart home device connected app.  Connect all the smart devices you currently own automatically.  Connect your Aladdin Connect to your home screen to allow you the ability to open and close your garage door opener.  You can also create routines, such as a ‘Returning Home Routine’ where you can open your garage door opener and turn on the lights. If you would like your garage door to open automatically as you pull in your driveway, Yonomi’s geofencing capabilities sense the location of your smartphone and will open your garage door accordingly. 


URC is a smart home integration system featuring the ability to control your home automations from a smart control remote or touch screen. Monitor and control your Aladdin Connect garage door opener with URC.  Control your home’s safety, entertainment, comfort, and access using the innovative smart home remote control.  Arm your security system, lock your doors, and close your garage door opener with a simple touch.   You can use the mobile app to open the garage door remotely for a family member, delivery, or worker.


Genie’s Aladdin Connect is also integrated with BenchSentry, the package delivery porch box.  BenchSentry is a Wi-Fi enabled smart box that locks and stores your packages safely until you return home.  BenchSentry opens either the porch box to store smaller deliveries or the garage door for larger deliveries when the tracking number is entered.  Now, there is no need to rush home to grab your package off your front porch. Notifications are sent to your phone via the app. Eliminate the fear of porch pirates and rely on BenchSentry with Aladdin Connect to keep your deliveries safe. BenchSentry is used by all major carriers such as UPS, FedEx, Amazon, and USPS.

Walmart InHome

Walmart InHome, Walmart’s grocery delivery service, is compatible with the Aladdin Connect.  Simply place your Walmart order through the InHome app and link your Genie account.  On delivery day, one of InHome's associates will get secure, one-time access to your Genie Aladdin Connect garage door opener through the InHome app.  The team will only have the ability to operate your garage door on the selected day and time.  Every delivery is live-streamed through the associate's vest camera, so you can watch your deliveries live or up to 7 days later in the InHome app! The InHome associate will deliver your groceries to your garage refrigerator and then re-secure your garage before leaving.  No more worrying about grocery shopping! Take the hassle out of shopping and try out the Walmart InHome delivery service today.


The Genie Aladdin Connect smart garage door openers and controllers are also integrated with Orro Smart Living Systems.  Orro is a lighting system that unifies your smart home to create the perfect ambience for your daily life.  Orro features automated smart lighting, smart home controls, wellness-focused lighting schedules, home monitoring, and energy-saving features that seamlessly integrate with core smart and automation systems, including your Aladdin Connect!


Genie® Aladdin Connect® smart garage door openers and controllers is also integrated with Jervis Systems, an access control platform designed to manage multiple access devices on multiple properties using one app.  The Jervis Systems platform provides a unified residential access management solution for both smart locks and garage door openers, enabling property managers and short-term rental owners to provide a secure solution that automates access, simplifies check-in and checkout, and makes it simple to manage access to multiple properties.

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