The Genie Company Acquires BenchSentry – Secure Package Delivery Porch Box

The Genie Company Acquires BenchSentry – Secure Package Delivery Porch Box

The Genie Company is pleased to announce the acquisition of BenchSentry, the secure package delivery porch box solution. 

“BenchSentry is committed to creating solutions that are easy to use for both consumers and delivery drivers,” said Mark Soderberg, CEO, BenchSentry. "The Genie acquisition allows us to grow faster and to extend our technology to include both in-garage and package vault solutions.”

“Genie is excited to expand our capabilities and our product portfolio to include a complete line of secure package delivery services for our customers,” said Mike Kridel, President of The Genie Company. “Genie is positioned to be the leading solution provider for the growing package theft problem.”

Have you ever experienced the dreaded feeling of a missing package?  You check the tracking information on your carrier’s website which says the package was “delivered at front porch.” You look around every nook and cranny on your front porch to no avail.  Maybe the wind blew it behind your ornamental grasses? No, it’s not there.  It rained earlier, so maybe your neighbor picked it up?  Maybe it was delivered to the wrong address.  Multiple scenarios run through your head as you wonder what to do next.

In 2020, an estimated $6 billion worth of packages were stolen.  With 80% of Americans now shopping online, home package delivery is rising quickly.  43% of Americans have been a victim of package theft.  Stolen packages are a real problem today.  BenchSentry offers the solution to porch pirates and package theft prevention. 

The BenchSentry package delivery porch box eliminates stolen packages by storing your deliveries safely and securely.  How does this stolen package solution work?  Sync your package’s tracking code to your BenchSentry using the BenchSentry app.  Designate via the app if you want your package delivered in the porch box or your garage using the Aladdin Connect.  When your delivery driver arrives, the driver will be instructed by a message on your bench and by an audio clip to enter the last 4 digits of the package’s tracking code.  

If your delivery is for the porch box, the box will open only when the correct code is entered. If you choose to have the package delivered in your garage, the driver will be notified that the garage door is opening and to place the package in the garage.  The bench will then confirm the garage door is closed after 3 minutes.

Use the free app to sync deliveries to your BenchSentry!

For quick drop-offs, you can set the BenchSentry to be unlocked for your first delivery of the day. Manage your package deliveries remotely by receiving push notifications of all BenchSentry activity.  The BenchSentry app is FREE and can be used with either Android or Apple devices.  Customize your BenchSentry experience by creating custom entry codes to share with family and friends when swapping items.  For security purposes, codes can be set to be used once and then disabled.  The BenchSentry requires access to a standard power outlet (AC adapter included) and a Wi-Fi network with internet connection strong enough to reach the BenchSentry.   

What keeps someone from stealing your BenchSentry?  The BenchSentry includes pre-drilled holes which allows you to mount it to the ground, wall, or run a security cable through it.  The bench measures 35” x 23” x 25” and weights 45 lbs (empty). 

The BenchSentry is accessible by all delivery services such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, and Amazon.  The box is weatherproof and UV resistant.  Multiple deliveries can be held in the BenchSentry with it’s 7 cubic feet capacity.  There are two color options: slate or tan.  The bench design is HOA approved!

 Clear the clutter!

If you do not have an Aladdin Connect and wish to have BenchSentry utilize your garage for deliveries, you can purchase a Genie Aladdin Connect retro-fit kit to upgrade your garage door opener to be “smart”!  The retrofit kit will connect to your existing garage door opener and is installed in about 30 minutes for just over $50.  The retro-fit kit will work with most garage door openers made since 1993.  Genie garage door openers with Aladdin Connect Wi-Fi integration allow you to use your smartphone to open and close your garage door from anywhere.

Make your garage smart  Make your garage smart with the Aladdin Connect.

Keep your porch and packages secure with the BenchSentry.  Eliminate porch pirates and create a real solution for package theft problems. 

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