The “Hottest New Product” - Genie®’s NEW Residential Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

The “Hottest New Product” - Genie®’s NEW Residential Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

For homeowners who cannot install a traditional ceiling-mounted garage door opener because of beams, vaulted ceilings, or attics/storage above the garage, or for those who simply just want a clean install and nothing hanging above your cars, Genie’s brand-new Residential Wall Mount Garage Door Opener is the answer!



Voted The Hottest New Product

The Residential Wall Mount Opener is exceptionally quiet yet powerful with a 24V DC motor. The opener was in its’ early development stages, first shown in April at the 2018 International Door Association Expo in Las Vegas. The opener featured the latest garage door opener technology from Genie, earning it the top spot in the 13th Annual Door + Access Systems “Hottest New Products” dealer survey.  In 2019 in preparation for launching, the Residential Wall Mount Opener AKA Residential Jackshaft Opener was installed in the booth.  Many dealers attending both shows also commented on the compact size, quiet operation, wireless technology, and internal slack detection.  In 2019 the Wall Mount Opener earned another spot in the 14th annual “Hottest New Products” dealer survey.


The “Hottest New Product” of 2018 article can be found here.

The “Hottest New Products” of 2019 article can be found here.



Modern Look with the Latest Technology


With its compact size and modern design, Genie’s new Residential Wall Mount Opener stands out among most other residential garage door openers. Because of its side-mount installation, the opener does not require a rail system, giving the opener a neater, cleaner appearance than some traditional openers. Homeowners who love the appearance of the wall mount opener will not be disappointed with the power or performance, as it lifts doors up to 14’ in height and up to 850 lbs. in weight.

The new opener has many of the same proven safety and convenience features of Genie’s other operators, including the Safe-T-Beam® Non-Contact Reversing System, GenieSense™ Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology, and Intellicode® Security and also features Genie’s most recent advancements:



  • Power Door Lock – Genie’s wall mount opener features a power door lock that prevents the door from being opened manually. Unlike other door locks for other jackshaft style operators, Genie’s works with the existing manual lock mounting holes in the door track, reducing the need for dealers drilling new holes during installation.
  • Wireless Wall ConsoleWires going everywhere? Not anymore. The Wall Mount Opener features Genie’s new wireless wall console with no direct wiring to the opener unit. The wall console is pre-programmed and syncs like a remote, making setup a breeze. (Wired wall console options are still available). The Wireless Wall Console also features a time delay button, to delay the opening or closing of the garage door, in increments of 10 seconds up to 30 seconds.  This is a cool feature to have, that prevents the need for those dangerous situations of trying to jump over the garage door openers Safe-T-Beams.
  • LED Light– Genie’s wall mount opener comes with a single bright LED light that communicates wirelessly. The light automatically pairs to the opener when powered on for the first time.
  • Patent Pending Slack Cable Detection Technology – An internal cable slack detection provides tension monitoring to help prevent door cables from becoming unspooled. This patent pending technology produces a brief pulsating sound at the beginning of closing travel.  Installation time of the Genie® Wall Mount opener is reduced since there isn’t an external slack cable monitoring device that needs to be installed.  This feature cannot be disabled, and the Wall Mount comes with cable keepers that are required to be installed, to help maintain cable tension.
  • Aladdin Connect®Technology – It’s magic…almost. Control the garage door from anywhere with integrated Aladdin Connect Technology (units also available without). Using an app on your smart device and your Wi-Fi connection, Aladdin Connect allows you to open and close the garage door from anywhere and schedule the door to close on its own at a specific time of day. Assign “Virtual Keys” to other users, giving them permission to open and close the door when you’re away. For increased security, you can see records of every time users open or close the door, giving you maximum control. Aladdin Connect® Works With Alexa, Google Assistant, Control4® and more for even a smarter garage.


Faster, Easier Installation

Genie designed the wall mount opener for efficient installation with features such as SmartSet™ programming and built-in slack-cable detection for easy set up and fewer parts to install. The Patent-pending slack cable detection technology monitors the cable slack internally without the installation of an additional switch like other jackshaft/ wall mount style openers.


Compact Design

The NEW Models 6070 and 6170 Genie Wall Mount Openers work on standard, high lift(max 84”), and vertical lift doors up to 14’ tall, 850 lbs in weight, and 18 ft wide.  The Genie Wall Mount can be installed on low headroom applications with an inside hook-up only, and is not compatible with one piece garage doors.   The unit makes for fitting into small spaces easy, with only needing 2.5” of headroom clearance from the center of the output shaft, and only requiring 7” of side room clearance.  The dimensions below show truly how compact in size the Genie Wall Mount Opener is.



You Ask, Genie Listens

For over 60 years, customers and dealers have trusted Genie to provide quality products and unparalleled customer service. Every comment, review, and question Genie receives is used to improve and develop new products. The new wall mount opener is a result of understanding customers’ needs for a side-mount opener. Genie added the latest new technology to make the opener a small but mighty powerhouse, gaining the praise of dealers all across the country who voted it the “Hottest New Product” twice! 



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I am wondering if this can be altered to a different configuration as I do not have room to mount it in line with the shaft as described, due to columns holding the house up, but well in a few inches and then using timing sprockets utilizing either chain or belt connecting the two shafts. I see your competition allows for such configuration and I hope you do as well. What triggers my mind to ask this is the “cable slack detection” so it will not malfunction. I have two custom size doors I need to do this for and you are not offering traditional openers with extensions that can handle the height of my doors. I really don’t want to go with another brand.

Bjorn Nilsson

@William – We are happy to hear you are interested in the Wall Mount Garage Door Opener! You can locate a dealer in your area by entering your zip code on our dealer locator. Use this link (


I’m interested in wall mount garage door opener

William Riefler

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