Troubleshooting Or Buying A New Garage Door Opener; Terms You May Need To Know

Troubleshooting Or Buying A New Garage Door Opener; Terms You May Need To Know

Terms for Troubleshooting
It’s Friday lunchtime, you check your phone and see a missed call from Mom. You put down the sandwich you’re eating and call her back. She answers, “You know the thing you helped install last summer, the one that makes the garage door go up and down? The clicker isn’t working.”

You’re not sure what the “clicker” is, so you dig into the issue some more. “You mean the garage door opener remote isn’t working?”

“Yeah, that’s it, the garage door opener.”

“Okay, I’ll call Genie® Support and let you know what to do.”

You finish your sandwich and make the call. After a few simple questions, the support agent helps determine that the issue is actually the remote and that the fix is likely as simple as changing the batteries.

It’s not uncommon for people to have different words for describing the same piece of their garage door opener system. While Genie products have a name for each component of the garage door opener system, there are other common names recognizable to customers. Our support agents are familiar with all of these terms to help customers easily identify and troubleshoot issues, but knowing the proper name of the components can make DIY troubleshooting with the owner’s manual or a support agent even easier.

Components Commonly Referred to by Different Names



The remote is the wireless, handheld device used to engage the garage door opener system for opening and closing.
It is also commonly referred to as the garage door opener, button masher, button, opener, clicker, transmitter, wireless car button, or key fob.



    The keypad is the wireless unit
    mounted to the exterior of the house or building that gives you the ability to use a personalized PIN number to access to your garage. It is also commonly referred to as the keyless entry, wireless keypad, key entry, keyless, or pin pad.




    The Safe-T-Beams are the sensors installed on both sides of the garage door that use an infrared beam to detect any person, animal, or object in the way of the door closing. If Safe-T-Beams detect anything in the garage door path, the garage door raises. Safe-T-Beams are also commonly referred to as safety beams, electric eyes, photo eyes, eyes, beams, photo cells, sensors, safety sensors, or safety lights.








      Also known as:

      Garage door opener
      Button masher
      Wireless car button
      Key fob

      Also known as:

      Keyless entry 
      Wireless keypad 
      Key entry
      Pin pad
      Entry Pad


      Also known as:

      Safety beams
      Electric eyes
      Photo eyes
      Photo cells
      Safety sensors
      Safety lights


      Terms to Know When Purchasing a Genie Garage Door Opener
      You decide it’s time to purchase a new garage door opener. You’re browsing the Genie garage door openers at your home improvement store and think to yourself, “Do I want the chain drive or the belt drive? And do I need Aladdin Connect?”

      Genie garage door openers offer innovative technology and safety features that provide power, efficiency, and peace of mind. Understanding the terms we use to describe our product features will help guide your buying decision:

      • Screw Drive- Genie garage door openers with screw drives have the most simplistic drive system, using an electric motor to turn a steel-threaded rod with a trolley. The turning of the rod moves the trolley and the attached garage door. Do-it-yourselfers choose the screw drive for its reliability and easy maintenance.
      • Chain Drive- Considered the classic type of garage door opener drive, the chain drive is an economical option with the strength to meet heavy-duty demands. Using a bicycle-like chain roller, the door moves when the trolley it is attached to is pulled back and forth in a track. Chain drives are audible during operation, alerting those nearby that the door is moving.
      • Belt Drive- The belt drives operate much like chain drives but with polyurethane, steel-reinforced rubber or fiberglass belts. These belts reduce vibration and noise during operation, making belt drives the quietest type of drive. Combined with a sleek design, belt drives are considered the luxury type of garage door opener drive.

      Check out this video here on Genie's platform comparison of Screw, Chan & Belt Drive garage door openers!

      • GenieSense™ Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology- This technology monitors operation, reduces noise and wear on the door, and enhances safety of Genie garage door openers. In addition to providing power for garage door opening and closing, GenieSense detects major changes and stops movement when they occur.
      • Intellicode® Security- This state-of-the-art technology is the security guard of the garage door opener. Intellicode Security automatically assigns a new opener access code with every push of the remote-control button. While most garage door openers use the same access code every time, Genie’s encryption technology uses proprietary coding that prevents unauthorized users from being able to steal the radio signal access code to your garage door opener. It’s an extra layer of security and reassurance for the safety of your home.
      • Aladdin Connect®- Aladdin Connect Technology keeps you in control of the garage door even when you’re not at home. The technology allows you to monitor, open, and close your garage door remotely using the Aladdin Connect app on a smartphone or smart device. Grant authorized users access to your garage when you’re away or simply to monitor who goes in and out. Aladdin Connect is available as an add-on kit for existing garage door openers made since 1993, or comes integrated with openers featuring Wi-Fi capabilities.
      • HomeLink® & Car2U® Compatible- Customers with HomeLink or Car2U built-in wireless remote system technology in their vehicles can link to the Genie garage door opener, allowing these users to open and close the garage door without a separate remote. Products with this feature are compatible with all HomeLink & Car2U systems without a compatibility bridge or repeater box.
      • SmartSet™ Push Button Programming- SmartSet Push Button technology offers the fastest programming setup with the push of a button.
      • Integrated Backup Power Supply- No power, no problem. Genie units with integrated backup power supply are equipped with a backup battery that powers the garage door opener during power outages.


      Genie wants every customer to have an exceptional experience before, during, and after the purchase of a Genie product. That’s why we provide the information you need when you need it. Visit Genie Online Support for more information and frequently asked questions about Genie products, or contact us to submit a question of your own.


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      Hi Paul,
      Your limit switch or travel down settings may need to be adjusted. Please reach out to us at 1-800-354-3643 for assistance.


      My garage door keeps on going back up when it makes contact with the floor, for no apparent reason, there being no obvious obstructions that I can see. Please help.

      paul breitner

      Hi Alec,
      Here is a video for programming HomeLink to Genie openers. See if this will help you.
      If you need anymore assistance please call us at 1-800-354-3643. Thank you.

      Danielle Anderson

      I have a Genie Opener SilentMax 1000 and when programming to Homelink in My Ford Expedition it does not connect and operate. When the Genie gets in programming Mode(flashing blue/purple) I then select the button to program and then nothing occurs. I do have control with one of the 3 button remotes that came with the opener. Also the Homelink has been reset and there is no programming on any button. This is occurring in a 2017 and also 2008 model. What else can I try.


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