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Trust OEM Products! Here’s why:

With the exponential growth of online retail sales in recent years for almost all product categories, knock-off garage door opener remotes are no exception.  While MOST times these companies are not breaking any laws, these businesses that imitate existing brand name products are certainly preying upon the unsuspecting consumers by stealing brand quality and equity from someone else - even though they are unrelated to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)!

Dont be fooled by unbranded imposters

How can you recognize a knock-off garage door opener remote?

Knock-off garage door opener remotes normally appear to be exactly like the original product; however, THEY ARE NOT:

  • No logos or branding on the product at all indicate it is not from the quality brand
  • You thought the price was too good to be true
  • You don’t recognize the name of the online seller you purchased from
  • They seller has no customer service contact (and likely no warranty from the manufacturer)
  • The grammar used in the instructions is incorrect
  • The product includes non-branded instructions (or are only partial to what is on the manufacturer website)

Some other tips worth mentioning:

  • Stating that a product is ‘compatible’ with specific brands DOES NOT MEAN that they use the same patented or secure technologies. 
  • Being ‘compatible’ with different brands DOES NOT MEAN they obey government agency laws from the Federal Communications Commission.
  • Utilizing safety sensors that are NOT from the original equipment manufacturer can pose a safety risk and is a violation of UL325 standards! Learn more about UL325 from DASMA or the Federal Register.

How can you make sure you get a genuine product?

Keep the following in mind: when purchasing quality products, always opt for genuine OEM items from reputable sellers or directly from the manufacturer (such as our online store). Major retailers such as Home Depot or Lowe’s offer online sales directly to consumers, as do manufacturers themselves. Additionally, consider engaging a top-rated local garage door and opener company, as they are likely to have the authentic OEM product in stock and are also available for hire to provide installation and programming services.

Prices of genuine garage door opener remotes should be somewhat comparable to big box retailer pricing. OEM products are commonly more expensive than the knockoffs, but, as in most cases, you get what you pay for. OEM products will have guarantees on their technologies and quality. They will also offer customer support and warranty on their products.

Genuine Genie Products

 What does Genie offer with our Genuine OEM products?

Our Genie garage door openers, accessories, and parts are built with quality and reliability. Our brand is committed to making sure all our products meet and exceed regulations for door access systems.

When purchasing a Genie brand garage door opener, accessory, or replacement part you get the features beyond the box. Our added benefits include:

  • State of the art security and safety systems
  • Top rated customer support based in the U.S.A
  • Genie Warranty (offered on ALL products, easily register online)
  • Intellicode® Security Technology; Every time your Genie garage door opener is activated, our proprietary Intellicode rolling code system goes to work by selecting a new code from billions of possible combinations.
  • Patented Dual Frequency Technology; Maximizing the range of radio frequency devices and improves overall performance

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