Ideas For Increasing The Space Of The Garage

What Can You Do With The Garage? 10 Ideas For Increasing Your Living Space

You want to make your house a comfortable home for your family and an inviting space for your friends and neighbors. You invest a lot of time and money to make the spaces just how you like them. But there may be a space you’ve been overlooking. The garage.
Oftentimes the garage is neglected because it’s simply a place for the car or storing the lawn mower. You like it for its utility, but you don’t love it as an attractive living space in your home. As a garage door opener manufacturer, Genie® Company wants the garage to not only be a functional living space, we want the garage to be the coolest room in the house.
Recently we set out to discover the most unique uses for the garage. Here’s what we found:
Unique Garage Uses
Home Bakery
Wood-fired pizzas, fresh-made bread, flaky croissants. Baking enthusiasts dream of having their very own bakeries. Install a wood-fired oven, counters, or a kitchenette, and make the fresh-baked aromas the morning wake-up call.
Home Theater
Taking the whole family to the movies can get expensive, but watch all the movies you want when you want by creating your own home theater. Install a big screen T.V. or projector and large comfy chairs. Decorate with movie posters and add a popcorn machine or snack bar to complete the experience.
An Art or Music Studio
No more paint fumes in the kitchen or kids slamming on the drum set in their room while others are doing homework. Instead, transform the garage into a space where creativity freely flows without interrupting daily life. And you never know, even Nirvana started in the garage.
Wine Cellar
Wine collectors know the importance of proper storage. Making the garage a controlled environment with the right humidity and lighting conditions will allow you to safely maintain your collection. Wine cellar designers offer custom woodwork, entryways, and art to make your wine cellar dream come true.
Practical Garage Uses
An at-home theater isn’t right for everyone, but there are very practical uses for the garage in addition to parking the car.
Home Gym
Save the money and inconvenience of a gym membership by creating a home gym. Use the equipment you want when you want in the privacy of your own garage. Do yoga, lift weights, run on the treadmill, the possibilities are endless. It’s an investment in your home and your health.
Maybe the home office was turned into an extra bedroom, or you never had the office. The garage is a perfect location to transform into your work center. A desk, a chair, and proper lighting provide a basic office setup, or do some simple remodeling to achieve a more complete office space.
Books can pile up fast without the proper place to store them. The garage is a great place to add shelves and a cozy reading corner, making a library of your very own. 
Anyone who has stepped on a sharp toy left in the middle of the living room floor dreams of a playroom to house the kids’ toys. The garage can provide a roomy and functional playroom with extra toy storage, room for arts and crafts, or a reading corner. Give the kids their own space to keep the clutter out of the way.
Game Room
For families with older children or adults, a game room provides hours of entertainment and laughter. Play darts, ping pong, and air hockey, and add a table for board games and cards. The family game room is a great space for making memories and spending time with the ones who matter most.
Extra Bedroom
The family is growing, or you need a guest bedroom? Convert the garage into a welcoming extension of your home.
Saving Money
Converting the garage not only increases the living space of your home, it can save you money. Because the structure of your garage is already in place, converting the garage will cost considerably less than adding an addition to the house. With a little creativity, you can have the space of your dreams without the hassle of major renovations.
Tips for Garage Upgrades
Upgrading the garage can be a simple Do-It-Yourself project or a more in-depth project for the professionals. Here are a few reminders before you begin your garage upgrade:
  1. Check your city’s zoning laws for building restrictions
  2. Check customer reviews to find the best contractors, builders, and designers in your area
  3. Check the garage door and garage door opener for proper functioning
No matter how you choose to use or upgrade the garage, safety and functionality are the top priorities. Genie Company helps make your garage perform at its best with innovative garage door opener technology. Genie products combine power, speed, and strength to provide reliable service whether storing the car or an aged Pinot Noir. Genie garage door openers are quiet as to not disturb activities, and products such as the Aladdin Connect® provide an extra layer of security, allowing you to control and manage your garage door from anywhere. You can have peace of mind that your space is kept safe and the door will work smoothly every time.
Have a unique use for your garage? We want to hear about it! Leave a comment below!
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