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Why a Genie Screw Drive Garage Door Opener?

Why a Genie Screw Drive Garage Door Opener?

“Vzzz vzzz vzzz.” The sound of your phone buzzing on the nightstand interrupts your deep sleep. Half-awake, you grab your phone, “Hello?”


“Hey, man! Where are you? The big presentation starts in 20 minutes! You’re the opening speaker!”


“What,” you reply. “What time is it!? My alarm didn’t go off. I’ll be there.”

You hurry out of bed, frantically get dressed, brush your teeth, and head for the car in the garage. The garage door operator opens the door, you hurriedly back out of the garage, push the button to close the door, and get ready to reverse into the street when you catch a glimpse of your feet. The slippers you’re wearing aren’t exactly the foot attire you imagined for the presentation. You quickly throw the car back into drive, push the button on the remote to open the garage door, and… wait. Precious seconds tick by as your old garage door opener slowly lifts the door. Each second feels like an eternity when you have no seconds to spare. Finally the door opens, you run inside to change your shoes, and rush back to the car.

At lunch time, you sit at your desk, finally able to take a breath after the frazzled morning. You made it to the presentation a minute late, but ultimately the only thing lost was a little peace of mind. You decide to research fast garage door openers and Genie®’s MachForce® Screw Drive Garage Door Opener catches your eye. “With a faster garage door opener, next time I’ll be right on time,” you chuckle to yourself.

More Power, More Speed, More Reliability 
Genie’s screw drive technology was made for homeowners with large or heavy garage doors or for those with a need for speed. Genie’s screw drive garage door openers are two times faster than most other openers, making them the fastest, most powerful garage door openers on the market. The screw drive openers are equipped with powerful DC motors and feature GenieSense™ Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology that monitors door speed and weight, delivering maximum lifting power to Genie’s proprietary direct drive screw as the load increases. Much like the cruise control in your car, GenieSense works with the DC motor to deliver more or less power when needed, increasing the overall speed of lifting the door.


Today’s garage doors openers are made of a variety of materials and are often made heavier by features such as insulation and weather stripping. Unlike Genie’s screw drive openers, most other garage door openers are not equipped to handle the heavier load, causing doors to slow down. In addition to more power and speed, Genie’s screw drive openers also feature a host of other benefits for reliability, durability, and decades of dependable service:


Quiet Operation – Genie’s unique anti-vibration design gives screw drive openers super quiet operation. No more waking a sleeping house when leaving early morning or returning late at night.

Safe and Secure – Every Genie opener comes with safety beams that detect any object in the way of the door, preventing the door from closing if anything is in its path. The safety beams meet or exceed all regulations for door safety. Intellicode® Security encryption technology automatically creates a new access code every time you push the remote-control button, ensuring unwelcome visitors are not able to steal the code and gain entry to your home.

Smart Technology – Keep tabs on your home even when you’re not at home with Aladdin Connect® WiFi Technology. Using your home WiFi connection and a smartphone app, Aladdin Connect allows you to close or open the door from anywhere, schedule a time for the door to close each day, grant access to others by assigning unique user codes, receive alerts when another user opens the door, and more. The smart technology puts you in full control, giving you an extra layer of security and customization. Genie offers screw drive opener units with integrated Aladdin Connect technology and units compatible with the Aladdin Connect add-on kit.

Easy Installation – 
Genie makes installing screw drive openers easy and hassle free with sliding rail connectors and wire quick connectors. With quick step-by-step instructions and preprogrammed transmitters ready to use out of the box, homeowners complete installation quickly. Genie’s screw drives and rails are maintenance free with no lubrication required, providing stress-free service for years to come.
Extra Features – Genie offers a variety of user-friendly accessories for even more customization, including LED lightbulbs (purchased separately). Unlike other LEDs, Genie’s exclusive LED bulbs do not cause interference with the remote and provide an estimated 25,000 hours of bright light.


Genie’s MachForce Screw Drive Opener Line

Homeowners can experience all the benefits of Genie’s screw drive opener technology in the MachForce line of openers available exclusively at The Home Depot.

Genie 2 HPc MachForce Screw Drive Garage Door Opener   - features 2 HPc power DC motor that lifts heavy residential doors up to 7’ high two times faster than chain or belt drive openers. Equipped with the same safety and security features of all Genie openers, such as safety beams and Intellicode technology, this opener is the ultimate combination of power, security, and reliability.


Genie MachForce Plus 2 HPc Screw Drive Garage Door Opener with Added Wireless Keypad – with the same features as the previous unit, the MachForce Plus includes a keyless entry keypad for quick and easy access into the garage.


Genie MachForce Connect 2 HPc  Screw Drive Smart Garage Door Opener  – much like the previous models, the MachForce Screw Drive Opener with built in Aladdin Connect WiFi technology features the power and speed to lift heavy residential garage door openers two times faster than most other openers. With Integrated Aladdin Connect technology, this unit gives you maximum control of your garage door anytime, anywhere.

Genie MachForce Plus XL 2 HPc Screw Drive 2 HPc Garage Door Opener for 8 ft. High Doors with Added Wireless Keypad – comparable to the Plus model for 7’ doors, this unit works with the heaviest residential doors up to 8’ high and comes with a keyless entry keypad.

Genie  MachForce Connect XL 2 HPc Screw Drive Smart Garage Door Opener for 8 ft. High  Doors – equipped with the same features as the MachForce Screw Drive Opener for 7’ doors, this unit works with doors up to 8’ high and comes with integrated Aladdin Connect technology, combining the smartest garage door technology with one of the fastest, most powerful garage door openers on the market.


Designed with You in Mind

Genie’s screw drive garage door openers are designed with the customer in mind. As garage door trends lean toward larger and heavier doors, Genie answers the call with fast, powerful, and durable openers that provide years of maintenance-free and quiet operation. Incorporating the same tried-and-true features that customers trust, Genie’s screw drive garage door openers are the reliable choice for your garage door opening needs.

 For questions or additional product information, contact Genie at 1-800-354- 3643.

Check out these customer testimonials that we love:


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  • Danielle Anderson
Comments 2
  • Wallace Johnson
    Wallace Johnson

    Welp we Have a Genie Exelator Garage door opener which is a Screw Drive But It Died on us

  • Tad Larrabee
    Tad Larrabee

    I have a 1/2 HP Genie Screw Drive, NEC Class 2, Freq 390, Model 12A. At least that is what I see on the unit.
    The light no longer goes out after a brief period. Instead it stays on constantly
    Is it possible to fix this feature?
    It is very handy to have the light at night which allows me to get from my car through the garage and into my house with good visibility at night.

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