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Garage Door Opener Circuit Boards

Garage Door Opener Circuit Boards

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Genie Garage Door Opener Replacement Circuit Boards 


Garage door opener replacement circuit boards for many different Genie model garage door openers. These are genuine replacements direct from the manufacturer- Genie. Since the circuit boards control most of the garage door openers operation- from the power, the limits, to the range of the remotes- it is a common part to look at when something goes wrong with your garage door opener.  With detailed replacement DIY instructions, replacing the circuit board in your garage door opener can be swiftly taken care of to get your garage door opener running again. 


Get the right replacement circuit board for your model garage door opener: 


Most of the newer garage door openers contain one circuit board, a lot of the older models had two or even three that all controlled different functions. Depending on the garage door opener model, the terms for the board can differ. The replacement board may be called a circuit, sequencer, receiver, control, or motor drive boards. 

See the detailed descriptions of the products to make sure you get the right circuit board for your model garage door opener.