20456R.S - Pulley Support Kit Installation Instructions

PDF Instructions available for download- 20456R.S Replacement 

Pulley Support Assembly 20456R.S Replacement Instructions 

1. Attach pulley support assembly to T-rail — Figure 1
• use two (2) 5/16"-18 x 3/4" bolts w/lock washers and two (2) 5/16"-18 jam nuts.
• tighten securely.

2. Build pulley and bracket assembly — Figure 2.
• Attach the pulley to the bracket with 5/16"-18 x 11/8"bolt, bushing and square nut.
• Slide 5/16"-18 x 2" hex head self-locking adjustment bolt through pulley bracket.
• Partially thread adjustment bolt through square nut inside the bracket.

3. Attach assembled pulley bracket assembly to pulley support assembly — Figure 2.
• Slide plastic bolt retainer onto pulley support assembly.
• Slide pulley/pulley bracket assembly all the way into the slot on the pulley support assembly.
A. Tab A above pulley bracket and tab B below pulley bracket.
B. End of adjustment bolt slips into bolt retainer.

Genie Pulley Support Replacement 20456R.S Figure 1


Genie Pulley Support Replacement 20456R.S Figure 2