36297R.S - Screw Drive Washer Pack Installation Instructions

AC/DC Screw Drive Rail Washer Replacement Kit Instructions: 

PDF Document Screw Rail Washer Replacement Kit Instructions

TOOLS REQUIRED: Assorted wrenches or socket & ratchet set, screwdrivers, pliers. 

  1. Unplug the operator from the 110V power source. 
  2. Remove the operator from the ceiling and place on a clean flat work surface. 
  3. Remove the rail assembly from the motor head. 
  4. Slide the screw out of the rail about 6 inches. 
  5. Remove E-ring and old washers assembly. 
  6. Install replacement washers, bearing, retaining cup, and e-ring in correct order. FIG 1  
  7. Install rail assembly back into the motor head. 
  8. Install unit per owners manual back onto the ceiling.
  9. Plug power cord into the 110V power source. 
  10.  Test unit per the owners manual. 

Screw Drive Washer Replacement Kit Figure 1