37301R - EKCC Chain Drive Extension Kit Installation Instructions

Genie EKCC Chain Drive Rail Extension Kit Installation PDF Instructions 



You will need a Phillips Head Screwdriver, 7/16” & 1/4” wrench or socket. Begin by completing steps 1A through 1F on the Assembly/Installation Poster. Do not begin Step 1G. Proceed with the instructions below to attach the 37301R garage door opener rail extension.

Rail Extension Attachment Procedure:

Looking down at the underside of the rail assembly (chain visible), position yourself so that the door end (pulley assembly) is on your left. Powerhead (drive sprocket) will be on your right.

1. Slide pulley assembly out of the rail end. Fig. 1

2. Carefully remove the pulley pin. Fig. 2

3. Remove the pulley guard screws and slide the pulley guard out of the rail end. Fig. 3

4. Disconnect the carriage from the bullet by pulling the red cord. Slide the carriage out of the rail end. Notice the orientation of the carriage as you remove it. Fig. 4

Genie 37301R Chain Drive Extension Kit Installation Instructions Part 1


5. Lift the bullet out of the rail. Fig.5

37301R Chain Extension kit for an 8 foot high door installation figure 5

6. Remove the four screws in the bullet, separate the bullet halves and remove the door side end of the chain. Fig.6

7. Insert the EKCC (37301R) Genie chain extension into the (door end) and reassemble the bullet using the four screws. Fig. 6

8. Connect the EKCC (37301R) chain extension to the original chain with the master link as shown. Make sure the chain is not twisted. Fig. 6

9. Place the bullet and chain into the rail.

Chain Drive Genie Extension kit 37301R Installation Instructions figure 6


10. At the door end of the rail, slide the carriage back into the rail. Make sure the door arrow points toward the door. Fig. 7

11. Slide the rail coupler and 12-inch rail extension onto the pulley end of the rail. Coupler will slide onto the pulley end rail section until it meets the stop tab on the bottom of the rail. Align the 12-inch extension to the coupler with the pulley guard screw holes. Fig. 8

12. Slide the pulley guard into the rail. Position the chain through the alignment slots of the pulley guard. Insert the two pulley guard screws and tighten. The screws should align with the clearance holes on the rail coupler. Fig. 9

13. Place the chain into the pulley and align the pulley with the pinhole in the pulley holder. Insert the pin from underneath. It is important that the pin be inserted from the bottom as shown. Fig. 10

14. Slide the pulley assembly into the rail until it hooks onto the edges of the rail end. Check to make sure both sides of the pulley assembly are hooked on the rail end. The holes in the ends of the pulley assembly should match up with the mounting holes at the end of the rail. Important: confirm the pulley pin is still in place. Fig. 10-11

15. On the other end of the rail, slide the drive sprocket assembly to adjust its position until the tabs rest in the slots in the rail end. Insert two mounting screws and tighten with a 1/4” wrench or socket. Fig. 12.
Note: This is also illustrated in step 1G on the assembly & installation poster.

16. On the door end (pulley), tension the chain by tightening the adjustment nut on the pulley assembly until the chain does not ride on the rail (approximately 1/8” off the rail. Fig. 11
Note: This is also illustrated in step 2 on the assembly & installation poster.

17. Tie the short red release cord to the existing release cord on the carriage. This will allow for the cord to be within reach following installation.

18. Proceed to step 3 on the Genie ChainDrive assembly & installation poster.

Extension kit for a Genie Chain Drive garage door opener installation instructions


Genie extension kit for chain drive garage door openers installation instructions