38648R.S - Powerhead Cover Installation Instructions

Instructions for Replacing the powerhead cover (38648R.S) on a Genie model 1028 

PDF Printable Instructions for replacing the 1028 model powerhead cover

NOTE: The rail is not shown in the picture, rail removal is not necessary for this repair.

Parts Included in this kit: 1028 Motor cover assembly, 3 mounting screws.

Tools Required: 1/4” nut driver, small common screwdriver.

Approximate Time Required: 10 Minutes.


1. Remove power from the garage door opener.
2. Press down on tabs to remove lens. FIG-1
3. Using a 1/4” nut driver or common screw driver, remove the 3 opener cover screws and opener cover. FIG-2
4. Install the replacement 38648R.S opener cover and included screws in the reverse order.
5. Snap lens back into place.
6. Reapply power to the garage door opener. 

38648R.S Power head cover replacement instructions for a 1028 model Genie garage door opener