39026R - EKTB Belt Extension Kit Installation Instructions

PDF Installation Instructions for the 39026R Genie Belt Tube Rail Extension Kit 


A Supplement To The Chain/Belt Drive Assembly & Instructions Poster

Preparation: Refer to Assembly/Installation Poster, replace the header section of rail with the extension rail included with this kit.

Discard the original Belt and add the extended Belt provided with the 39026R Extension kit prior to Step 1G. Add extended RED emergency release cord also provided.

 Installation Procedure

1) Center idler pulley into EXTENDED header rail slot. Insert clevis pin through header rail
hole and idler pulley. Secure with the cotter pin. Fig. 1.
2) Insert 5/16”-18 x 2” bolt into EXTENDED header rail and secure with nut.
3) Proceed with the assembly of the rail per Assembly Poster until step 1f.
4) Prior to step 1f, discard the original belt assembly.
5) Install extended belt assembly at step 1f. Fig. 2.
6) Continue with the installation poster at step 1g.
7) Discard the original RED emergency release cord and install the new extended RED emergency release cord included with this kit at step 6 on the assembly poster.


Image of Genie belt extension kit installation 39026R