39279R - Aladdin Connect Door Position Sensor Installation Instructions

PDF (Printable) Installation Guide for the Aladdin Connect Door Position Sensor  

Installing the Door Position Sensor for the Aladdin Connect 

Pair DPS (door position sensor) to Aladdin Connect™
Open the Aladdin Connect™ app. Tap the DOORS icon. Follow on-screen prompts to add the new DPS to your system.

Install the DPS (door position sensor) to door.
DPS should be mounted on the TOP door panel only. Preferably on the far left or right under the top hinge on the steel end stile.

1. Affix double-sided tape strip to the back of mounting bracket and stick bracket to clean door end stile.
NOTE: Double-sided tape is designed to hold the bracket in place temporarily only. Not to be used for permanent mounting.

2. Pre-drill 2 - 3/32 holes. DO NOT drill all the way through the door.

3. Use included self-tapping screws to mount DPS bracket to top door panel end stile.

4. Slide DPS down onto mounting bracket. DPS should snap onto the bracket.

5. Test the door with the Aladdin Connect™ app.
NOTE: Door Control Module MUST be wired to additional door openers for the system to operate correctly. See instructions for Aladdin Connect™ wiring.

 Installation Instructions for installing the Door Position Sensor


Aladdin Connect Door Position Sensor installation instructions