39577R.S - Battery Backup Hardware Installation Instructions

39577R.S Battery Back-Up Hardware Replacement 

 PDF Replacement Instructions for 39557R.S Battery Back-up Hardware


39577R.S Genie battery back-up hardware replacement

1. Close the garage door.

2. Unplug the garage door opener powerhead from the power outlet.

3. Unplug the battery backup from harness connection. See Fig. 1.

4. Remove both mounting screws from the rear of battery backup. See Fig. 1.

5. Detach battery backup from the back of opener by tilting the BBU approximately 45 degrees and lifting up towards the ceiling. See Fig. 1.

6. Remove 4 screws from battery hold down bracket. Fig. 2.

Genie battery back-up hardware replacement instructions

7. Remove battery.

8. Disconnect harness wires from the (+) and (-) terminals.

9. Replace the battery back-up cover and hardware in reverse order