Aladdin Connect® Installation Instructions

Aladdin Connect RetroFit Kit Installation Video

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 Aladdin Connect Quick Set-up Guide (or see below) 

 Aladdin Connect Printer Friendly Quick Set-up Guide 

 Aladdin Connect Amazon Smart Home Skill Setup 

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Aladdin Connect Quick Set up Guide Installation Instructions (also see FAQ's below the instructions) 


Genie Aladdin Connect Quick Set-up Guide

For a video of this installation, visit

Need help or have questions? Contact Aladdin Connect™ Customer Service at 1-866-599-4995

Recommended Tools: 

Drill & 3/32 Drill Bit, Small common flat head screwdriver, phillips head screwdriver, 5/16 wrench or nut driver, wire cutters/ strippers, hammer

Included Components with the Aladdin Connect Add on kit: 

DCM (Door Control Module, DPS (Door Position Sensor), Hardware bag, Power pack, wire spool, insulated staples, instructions

Aladdin Connect recommended tools and included components for installation



1. NEVER let children operate or play with the door controls.
2. Keep remote away from children.
3. Locate the wall control button: A) Within sight of door. B) At a minimum height of 5 feet, so small children cannot reach it.
4. Install the entrapment WARNING label next to the wall button or console, in a prominent location.
7. The Aladdin Connect™ operating system is designed for unattended operation. The door could move unexpectedly.
8. DO NOT install Aladdin Connect™ on garage door openers manufactured prior to 1993 without photocell non-contact safety sensors.
9. DO NOT install on one-piece doors
10. Install DCM in a location where it can be seen and heard while standing in the door opening with the door in the open position. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS



STEP 1 In the Home close to Wi-Fi Router:

1. Remove mounting bracket from the back of DCM. FIG.A,

2. Plug Aladdin Connect™ into a wall outlet with Power Pack. FIG. B. 3. Plug Power Pack into DCM controller.

NOTE: Customers using control apps from other vendors and NOT using the Aladdin Connect™ app to control this system will need to visit for specific Wi-Fi instructions.

Aladdin Connect Installation instructions step 1

STEP 2 In the Home close to Wi-Fi Router: Download the Aladdin Connect™ app.

1. Scan the QR code below or visit your devices app store to start the setup of the Aladdin Connect™ device. Search your app store for Aladdin Connect

2. Follow the on-screen menus to create an account and program system prior to wiring in the garage.

3. At the installation prompt, disconnect Power Pack and move the system to the garage.

Aladdin Connect Scan for iOS app and Andriod app

STEP 3 In the Garage: These factors must be determined prior to mounting Aladdin Connect™ (DCM) to the wall or ceiling.

1. Optimal Wi-Fi signal strength. If an optimal signal cannot be located within the garage, we recommend moving the wireless router closer to the garage or install a Wi-Fi range extender (Available from most electronic stores)

2. Desired DCM location.

3. Access to 110VAC outlet within 5 feet.

1. Plug Power Pack into wall outlet and DCM near the chosen mounting location. The WI-FI signal indicator LED should illuminate signaling that the Wi-Fi signal is still in tact.
• A GREEN LED indicates a good Wi-Fi signal.
• A RED LED, indicates a lost or faulty signal. Move Aladdin Connect™ to a position that better suits the Wi-Fi signal from the router. Contact Customer Service for further assistance. (1-866-599-4995)

2. Once an optimal signal and location is obtained, UNPLUG Power Pack from the DCM and continue to STEP 4.

Installing Aladdin Connect step 3 wifi set up

STEP 4 Wire Aladdin Connect™: (Single door install shown) Aladdin Connect™ will wire directly to the wall control connections at the powerhead or directly to the wall control. New Genie models shown. Visit for more information on older models and other brands of garage door openers.

1. Make sure garage door opener is unplugged.
• Leave wire spool intact for this part of the install.

2. Split provided dual strand wire approximately 2 in. then strip 1/2 in. of insulation. FIG. A.

3. Press orange tabs down and insert both wires into connection points for DOOR 1 on the back of the DCM. FIG. B.

4. Trim and split the other end of the dual strand wire approximately 2 inches. and then strip 1/2 inch. of insulation. FIG. A.

5. Insert the wire into wall control inputs either:
• (OPTION A) Directly to the garage door opener.
• OR • (OPTION B) To the Back of the wall control.

Genie Aladdin Connect installation button and connection details

Current model Genie® Brand opener shown. *See note for other models and brands.

NOTE: Wires from Wall Control to Garage Door Opener ARE polarity sensitive. Be sure to reattach to the proper terminal should they become detached. Wall control should light when wired correctly.

*Wiring methods for other garage door openers. All Genie brand and most competitor brands of garage door openers will operate with Aladdin Connect™. Visit www.GenieCompany. com/AladdinConnect to check compatibility with other manufacturer’s controls or check your garage door opener’s owners manual for wall control wiring instructions. Aladdin Connect™ will operate up to 3 garage door openers.

Aladdin Connect wiring options for installation


STEP 5 Mount and Power Aladdin Connect™:

1. Using the DCM mounting bracket as a template at the optimal Wi-Fi location. Mark and drill 2-3/32” pilot holes and mount bracket to the wall using supplied screws. If mounting to drywall, use anchors provided in the kit or if mounting to the perforated angle at opener location, use nuts, washers, and screws provided.

2. Plug Power Pack into a wall outlet. An extended screw is provided to secure Power Pack to the outlet if needed.

3. Plug Power Pack into the back of DCM as shown in STEP 1.
NOTE: LEDs on DCM will flash momentarily as it reacquires signals.

4. Snap DCM onto mounting bracket.

5. Route wires and secure with supplied staples.

6. Affix the warning placard next to wall control or DCM in plain sight to signify that the door will operate remotely.

Aladdin Connect by Genie mounting and powering instructions


STEP 6 Mount DPS Module to Garage Door:

DO NOT remove the battery “PULL TAB” from DPS until directed by the app. The DPS should be mounted on the TOP door panel only. Mount to steel reinforced end stile on the far left or right under the top hinge. DO NOT mount to unreinforced garage door panel.

1. Clean the garage door where DPS will mount.

2. Install double-sided tape to the back of mounting bracket and affix to the garage door. NOTE: Double sided tape is designed to hold the bracket in place temporarily only. It is not to be used for permanent mounting.

3. Pre-drill 2 - 3/32 holes. DO NOT drill all the way through the garage door.

4. Use included self-tapping screws to mount DPS bracket to top door panel end stile.

5. Slide DPS down onto mounting bracket. DPS should snap onto the bracket.
NOTE: The DPS included with this kit is already programmed to the DCM. See the NOTE under STEP 7 regarding additional sensors (DPS).

Mounting the door position sensor, DPS for Aladdin Connect


STEP 7 Complete the Programming:

1. Restore power to the garage door opener.

2. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the set-up and test the Aladdin Connect™ system.
NOTE: This kit includes one DPS for use with one door only. The DPS included is already programmed to the DCM. Additional sensors can be purchased separately from your local Genie retailer. To program additional sensors, first complete STEP 7 initial setups, and programming, then go to “Add a Door Sensor” under the “Doors” tab inside the app or view the installation video at
NOTE: A white light will flash and an audible beep will sound as an indication that the door is about to move when commanded by the Aladdin Connect™ or other compatible apps.

Genie Aladdin Connect phone screen push to close the garage door


If the garage door opener is operated by any means, the Genie Aladdin Connect™ app will send an alert to your device indicating the status of the garage door. A log is also created to indicate when the door was operated and by what means. Visit www.GenieCompany. com/AladdinConnect for more information.

DO NOT RETURN PRODUCT TO STORE. For technical assistance, contact Aladdin Connect™ Customer Service at: 1-866-599-4995 or watch the installation video at: