BenchSentry Package Box How It Works

 BenchSentry How It Works Step 1

Set up the delivery

Setup a package delivery from the BenchSentry app and add the tracking number information.

BenchSentry How It Works Step 2

Enter the code

The delivery person enters the last four digits of the tracking number into the bench key pad. This number could be a code you provided to a friend or family member for them to retrieve something you left also.

BenchSentry How It Works Step 3

Leave the packages

The delivery driver can then place the packages right into the parcel package bench.

BenchSentry How It Works Step 4

Bench is locked

Your delivered packages are now locked up and protected. Since they are locked in the BenchSentry delivery box, no one can steal them off your porch and they are protected from the weather.

BenchSentry How It Works Step 5

Get notifications

On your smart device, you now get a notification that the bench is locked  and the package was delivered. 

BenchSentry How It Works Step 6

Out of sight

Your packages stay safe inside the package delivery bench until you are ready to take them out. The sleek design of the bench blends in and looks just like regular home décor!