G3T - 3 Button Remote Programming Instructions

G3T Remote Programming Video Instructions

PDF Printable Programming Instructions for the G3T-R remote 

G3T-R or G3T-BX 3-Button Intellicode Remote Programming Instructions

If your Genie garage door opener remote is not working, it may need to be reprogrammed. Follow the instructions below to reprogram the Genie remote just like when it was new, even if it worked before. 

1- Putting the Garage Door Opener into Programming Mode

New Genie® Garage Door Openers

1. Press and hold the program button until the round LED turns blue, then release.

2. The small round LED light will go out and the long LED will begin flashing purple.

Proceed to step 2.   


Genie® Openers and External Add On Receivers that were Manufactured between 1995 to 2011

1. Locate the Genie garage door opener learn button. Press & Release the Learn Code button once. The red LED will begin to flash. 

Proceed to step 2.

2- Programming the (G3T) 3-Button Remote to your Garage Door Opener

NOTE: Once in programming mode, you will have approximately 30 seconds to perform this step

1. Pull the protective battery tab from the remote.

Image removing pull tab from a new G3T-R Genie remote

Note: While programming remote buttons, stand at least 5 feet away from the opener. This ensures you have proper communication between the remote and the opener.

2. Slowly press and release the remote button of your choice two times. The opener LEDs will flash and go off, indicating you have successfully programmed your remote.

3. Press and release the same button a third time and door will open or close. It is possible to press the remote button too quickly or lightly. If the LEDs do not go OFF, press the remote button several more times to achieve confirmation.

3- Lost or Stolen Remote/Erasing all Remotes

Newer Genie® Garage Door Openers

1. Press and hold the program button until the round LED turns blue, then release.

2. Press and hold the Up(+) Down (-) buttons at the same time, until both LEDs turn solid blue, then release.

Genie® Garage Door Openers and External Receivers Manufactured between 1995 to 2011

• To erase all of the remote devices from other types of Genie® garage door openers, Press and hold the Learn Code Button until the LED stops blinking.

Start at step 1 to reprogram your remotes.

NOTE: Clearing remote control memory from the power head will clear ALL programmed remotes and keypads. Your opener will no longer recognize any signal from any remote device, including a missing remote device.

4- Replacing the remote battery

Replace the G3T remote battery with CR2032 coin cell battery.

1. Open the remote case using a washer or coin that fits into the slot at the top of the remote.

Image replacing battery on a G3T-R Genie 3 Button remote

2. Replace the battery. Match battery polarity symbols inside the battery housing.

3. Align components and snap case closed.


NOTE: For openers manufactured between 1995-1997, use the two upper buttons on the remote. Made after 1997? Use any button for programming.