Garage Door Opener Surge Protector Installation Instructions

Garage Door Opener Surge Protector Instructions
A surge protector is designed to help keep electrical equipment safe from any voltage spikes. It regulates the voltage within the electrical devices (either through blocking or grounding) so that it is always at a safe level for the equipment. While they can be ineffective against direct lightning strikes, a quality surge protector can stop most strong power surges to prevent damage to equipment that is plugged into them.

  1. Plug the surge protector into a properly grounded 120V AC power outlet within 4-6 ft of the garage door opener.
  2. Plug the garage door opener into the outlet on the front of the surge protector.
  3. Be sure the LED indicator on the surge protector is illuminated. If the LED indicator is not lighted – make sure the device is properly plugged into a working AC power outlet and/or check the AC power connection. If the LED is not illuminated, it may mean the outlet that the surge protector is plugged into is not properly grounded or it may mean a substantial surge event has occurred and the surge protector should be replaced.
    • NOTE – The surge protector will still provide regular power to the connected equipment even if the LED indicator is not lit.
  4. Test all standard functions of the garage door opener such as opener activation using the wall button, remotes, and keypad.
  5. Test all safety functions of the garage door opener such as the illumination of the Safety Sensor LEDs. When the invisible beam between the safety sensors is broken while the door is closing, the opener should stop and reverse. Also, review and execute the Door Reversal Test (reference owners manual).

Rating Chart/Technical Specs

  • Joule Rating – 900 Joules
  • LED Indicator – Yes
  • Electrical Ratings – 15A/125VAC/1875W/60Hz/Single Phase
  • Clamping Voltage – 500V (L-N)/500V (L-G)/500V (N-G)
  • Maximum Spike Current – up to 45,000A
  • EMI/RFI Noise Filtration – 150 kHz – 100 Mhz; up to 40dB

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