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Genie Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting Guide- for models 1022, 1024, 1042, 2022, 2024, 2042, 2027

Troubleshooting Guide for Genie Garage Door Opener Models: ChainLift® 600 (1022) -ReliaG®600 (1024)- BeltLift® 600 (1042)- ChainLift® 800 (2022)- ReliaG® 800 (2024)- ChainLift 700 (2027)- and QuietLift® 800 (2042)

Troubleshooting for the 1022, 1024, 1042, 2022, 2024, 2027, and 2042 models can be done with the Powerhead LED lights or operation symptons depending on what the issue is. Below are a couple troubleshooting guides for the garage door openers that can help diagnose the problem. Some of the issues can refer back to the owner's manual for help with correcting. You can use these links below if you do not have a copy of the owner's manual. 

Owner's Manual for the 1022, 1024, 1042

Owner's Manual for the 2022, 2024, 2042

 The Inidicator light can be found on the bottom of the garage door opener powerhead that faces the floor in the garage. As you can see in the below image- the indicator light will be beside the buttons. This diagnostic indicator light is refered to in the charts below. 

Troubleshooting indicator light for Genie garage door openers

If the Power Head LED lights are both off- this indicates normal operation. 

RED LED Light: If the Indicator light has: 

 RED LED Showing

Possible Problem w/ Solution

Continuous ON

Programming is Incomplete

  • Complete the required programming as shown in the owner's manual for setting the limits and adding wireless devices
1 Blink, Pause (Repeat)

Transmitter Has not learned

  • Program the garage door opener remote


Green LED Light: If the Indicator light has: 

 GREEN LED Showing Possible Problem w/ Solution
1 Blink, Pause (Repeat)

Check for the following 

  • Limit Programming is incomplete (resolve by programming the limits
  • Safe-T-Beam Sensor Obstruction going down (check for the obstruction and remove from the garage door way)
  • Door obstruction going up or down (check the garage door spring and see section 10 of the owner's manual) 
2 Blinks, Pause (Repeat)

Check for the following 

  • Limit Programming may be incomplete ( set the UP limit)
  • Wire to the power head or wire connection and the power head is bad (to resolve check the power head wiring, connections and replace or repair the garage door opener wire as needed)
  • Sensors out of alignment (Check the source and alignment of the safe-t-beam sensors)
  • Continuous obstruction of Safe-T-Beam sensor ( Look for obstructions in between or near the safe-t-beams). 
3 Blinks, (Pause Repeat)

Limits are set backwards

  • Clear the garage door opener limits and reprogram the limits (see section 6 in the owner's manual)
4 Blinks, Pause (Repeat)

Wall button wire short- or Wall button wires are reversed

  • Check button and wiring (staples can cut insulation and short wires. 
  • Replace wall control and repair or replace the wiring 
  • Reverse the wiring at the powerhead terminals (see section 3 in the owner's manual)
5 Blinks, Pause (Repeat)

Chain or Belt is too tight or their is a control system failure

  • Adjust the chain/ belt tension (refer to section 1 of the owner's manual)
  • Contact Genie regarding service 


Troubleshooting Guide- Operation (using the garage door opener symptons to diagnose the issue) 

 Problem What to Do
Opener does not run for the wall console
  • Check the power source - Plug something in to the outlet like a lamp to see if the outlet is working
  • If the power is OK- check connections at the powerhead terminals and at the wall console 
  • Check for Reversed, broken, or cut wires - Staples can cut insulation and short wires, repair or replace garage door opener wires 
Opener runs, but the garage door does not move
  • Make Sure the carriage is engaged into the carriage slide- Place the carriage lever into the lock position
  • Check the chain/belt- make sure the chain/belt is not broken or off track
  • Check the force adjustment- see section 6 in the owner's manual, the garage door opener will not run for more than 30 seconds each way if the door does not move. 
Opener works from the wall console, but not from the remote control
  • Confirm vacation lock switch on the wall console is off- see section 3 of the manual 
  • Program remote control code into the garage door opener receiver- see section 7
  • Replace the remote control battery- see section 8 
Remote control has less than 25 feet operating range or no operation 
  • Relocate remote control inside car and or point remote control at garage door
  • Replace battery- see section 8
  • Reposition garage door opener antenna
  • Red LED blinks while button is being pushed or LED does not come ON - battery is low, replace battery
Garage Door Starts down, then STOPS and goes back up. OR Safe-T-Beam System Malfunction.
  • If this is a NEW installation- check the door arm position (see section 2 in manual)
  • Check the safe-t-beams- is the red led light flashing 
  • Check the safe-t-beam for obstructions or misalignment of lenses- Realign as needed or remove the obstruction for the door way 
  • Check the Close Force setting- see section 6 in the owner's manual 
  • Check the garage door for binding- try rolling the garage door manually to feel for restrictions or binding spots
  • If an operational problem exists the garage door opener will not run closed. - Force the opener to close as follows- (See section 5)- Hold the wall console button down until the garage door is completely closed then release
  • Disconnect the Safe-T-Beam system from the garage door opener and contact Genie customer service or an authorized Genie Dealer (1-800-354-3643) 
Door starts down, then STOPS before it is closed. OR Door will only open. 
  • Check the Contact Reverse- see section 6 of the owner's manual for testing the contact reverse 
  • Check the garage door for binding
  • Wires Shorted. Staples can cut insulation and short the wires. - Repair or replace the garage door opener wiring as needed. 
  • Check the Close Force Settings- See section 6 in the manual and adjust the close force as needed
Door starts up, but STOPS before it's completely open. 
  • Be sure the garage door, garage door opener, and door springs are in good repair - Check the door balance and make sure the door is properly lubricated (see Maintenance section 10) 
  • Check the Open limit setting- see section 6
  • Check the Open force adjustment - see section 6 
  • Warning- if you suspect a problem with the garage doro hardware or springs, contact an authorized Genie delaer or a trained door technician. 
Garage door will only run in the close direction
  • Check the door balance, condition, and door spring
  • Check the OPEN force adjustment- See section 6
  • Warning- if you suspect a problem with the garage doro hardware or springs, contact an authorized Genie delaer or a trained door technician. 
Garage door opener starts for no reason
  • Was a remote control lost or stolen? -Erase all remote control codes from the reciever memory and reprogram (see section 7) 
  • Check for stuck buttons on the wall console or garage door opener remote 
  • Check the close limit setting - See section 6
  • Wires shorted - staples/ nails can cut insulation and short wires. Repair or replace
Noisy Operation
  • Be Sure all fasteners are tight 
  • Be sure the garage door and opener are in good repair, properly lubricated and balanced (see maintenance section 10)